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Furniture Sector’s Summit: “Visit Istanbul, Experience Istanbul”

Closing 2023 with a remarkable $740 billion, the global furniture industry is gearing up for a significant meet at the International Istanbul Furniture Fair, planned from 23rd to 28th January. This prestigious event, a cornerstone in the sector, is expected to draw 200,000 professionals worldwide.

The international furniture industry is assembling for the International Istanbul Furniture Fair (IIFF2024), set to occur from 23rd to 28th January. This event, a collaborative endeavour by TUYAP Fair Organisation Group and Mos Fair Organisation, supported by the Furniture Associations Federation (MOSFED), is poised to host 200,000 industry professionals from 200 nations. The fair will spotlight over a thousand companies, showcasing 3,000 brands at the TUYAP Fair and Congress Center and Istanbul Fair Center.

As a distinguished gathering in the furniture industry, the fair, themed “Visit Istanbul, Experience Istanbul,” will exhibit the latest 2024 design trends from varied product groups to its visitors.

“We continue to produce with over 45,000 manufacturers”

“In our sector, which is growing year on year, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products. This commitment has made us one of the leading furniture manufacturers globally. With over 45,000 manufacturers, we continue production across all product categories. Creating strong, quality designs, we engage with our stakeholders at IIFF and demonstrate our industry expertise. We invite the whole industry to our fair, where we’ll showcase the furniture trends for 2024,” stated Ahmet Güleç, President of MOSFED, the supporter of IIFF and the predominant organisation of the Turkish furniture sector.

“We organise one of the world’s largest furniture fairs”

Highlighting the global significance of IIFF, İlhan Ersözlü, General Manager of Tuyap Fairs Organisation, said:

“Holding a fair at multiple locations in our industry is a globally unique enterprise. However, Tuyap has effectively organised the third edition of IIFF at both the Tuyap Fair and Congress Center and Istanbul Fair Center, ensuring comprehensive preparation. We are hosting one of the largest furniture fairs worldwide. Our impact on both the nation’s and

the sector’s export figures is substantial. At IIFF2024, we will unite 200,000 business participants from various countries with 3,000 brands through our international offices and network. We eagerly invite all interested parties to attend this paramount industry event in Istanbul.”

Facilitating a Dynamic Arena for New Partnerships

According to ResearchAndMarkets’ data, the global furniture market, ending 2023 at $739.44 billion, is forecasted to expand to $935.9 billion by 2027. Türkiye, with an annual production output of $12 billion, is set to host its international counterparts. The IIFF will display a diverse range of furniture, including modern modular, luxury, beds and bases, baby and children’s, youth room, garden, office-school furniture, and accessories.

Spanning six days, IIFF2024 will organise its exhibition halls at the Istanbul Fair Center and Tuyap Fair and Congress Center, categorising them by product types. This allows visitors to explore an extensive array of products thoroughly. The fair is also designed to foster a vibrant environment for initiating new business relationships.


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