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Lambert & Co Collaborates with Outsyde Inc in Joint Venture to Strengthen Global Climate Change Initiatives

Lambert & Co, alongside Outsyde Inc, is thrilled to unveil their strategic partnership, aimed at collectively bolstering climate change efforts on a global scale.

Outsyde Inc, a real estate technology firm with headquarters in Virginia, USA and London, UK, has been at the forefront of leveraging blockchain technology to safeguard and restore distinctive locations worldwide.

Originating as a land conservation enterprise, Outsyde possesses a profound grasp of the market, positioning them uniquely to create digital assets and innovative technology that not only resonate but also generate value.

Lambert & Co prides itself on providing seamless business solutions for international corporations, advocating for local connections as the foundation for sustainable growth, emphasising a localised and enduring approach.

This joint venture is driven by a shared objective: to propel the growth of climate change initiatives.

Aaron Bumgarner, CEO and Founder of Outsyde Inc, expressed his enthusiasm: “After extensive exploration of opportunities in the UAE and the MENA region, it became clear that Lambert & Co would be the ideal partners to guide our launch and development in the UAE, with the mutual goal of advancing climate change initiatives. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with Ismail in the UAE, MENA, and worldwide.”

Ismail Tekin, Managing Partner of Lambert & Co, echoed the sentiment: “Following meaningful interactions with the Outsyde team in Dubai, it became apparent that their pioneering technology and business model could have a positive impact on the region and beyond. We, at Lambert & Co, are truly proud and honored to embark on this partnership journey with Aaron and the entire Outsyde team.”


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