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Prestigious British Heritage Reveals the Sandringham Wool Bedding Lineup

Ever contemplated the origins of your bedding, especially when it claims to be made from British wool? Amanda Oldfield, the visionary behind the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company, pondered this very question. Upon discovering the real source of her British Wool bedding, Amanda felt compelled to set things right. And, with the partnership of fellow Made in Britain member Baavet, she’s doing just that.

Amanda shares her journey, stating, “Stephen and I founded Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company after I was duped into purchasing two metal beds, being led to believe they were handcrafted in Britain, and unfortunately, these practises continue today,” Committed to sustainability and crafting products from 100% British-sourced raw materials, the company already held the distinction of being a Carbon Neutral+ company and a long-standing Made in Britain member. Yet, Amanda was determined to ensure that the commitment to authenticity and environmentally friendly practices extended further. This led to the company’s decision to produce all their products to their own high standards of traceability through their team of exceptional artisans, severing ties with third-party suppliers.

In Spring 2023, Wrought Iron and Brass Beds Co. unveiled the highly anticipated Sandringham Wool Collection of mattresses, elevating luxury to new heights and redefining the concept of “hyper-local sourcing.” Collaborating closely with Sandringham Estate, this collection exclusively sources 100% of its fleece from Aberfield sheep that graze on the organic pastures of Sandringham Estate. In fact, a small herd resides less than 100 meters from the company’s workshop.

Amanda’s investigation into third-party products offered to customers unearthed unsettling revelations about the true origin of purportedly British products and imported fillings used as substitutes. She reflects, “When I started investigating the third-party products, we offered our customers. I was horrified to discover the origins of where these British claimed products were made or that fillings were supplemented with imported alternatives.” It was particularly disheartening to learn that British wool was being sent overseas for the production of items claimed to be “British.”

This discovery paved the way for Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Co. to expand the Sandringham Wool Collection and join forces with fellow Made in Britain member, Baavet, to create a truly authentic range of British-made wool bedding.

Baavet Ltd, founded by Roger and Lesley Payne 15 years ago, was a pioneer in introducing British-made wool duvets to the market. Their extensive range of soft-filled wool bedding utilies fleece from their farm and local farmers, ensuring fair compensation for the wool. Like Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Co., Baavet places a significant emphasis on quality, attention to detail, and a profound commitment to sustainability. After months of collaboration, these like-minded businesses, each deeply passionate about their craft and the environment, have come together to create something exceptional.

Amanda expresses her enthusiasm, saying,  “With a focus on authenticity, transparency, and quality craftsmanship, Stephen and I established the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company. It took months of research to find the right partner, but after meeting with Roger and Lesley at their workshop in Porthmadog and discussing their dedication to British-made wool bedding, I knew they were the perfect match for us.” Amanda adds. “Our values of authenticity and fairness required us to work with a fellow British manufacturer who shared the same standards. The discovery of the similarities between our family-owned companies was a perfect complement. We both value our membership in the Made in Britain association, which gives customers confidence and clarity that they purchase genuine British-made products.” 

This exclusive bedding range comprises three duvets and mattress toppers, all cocooned in layers of comforting 100% Sandringham wool sourced directly from the organic pastures of Sandringham Estate. This collection, available exclusively at Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Co., cannot be found anywhere else. Partnering with Baavet, another proud member of Made in Britain, ensures that consumers can luxuriate in the comfort of authentic British-made, traceable-to-the-farm wool bedding.


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