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Half of adults want more effort from partners on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day has been dubbed a waste of money with novelty mugs and cheap underwear amongst the worst presents.

More than half of the 2,015 adults polled, said their partner should make more effort, rather than splurge on presents they don’t even want.

Respondents reported the rubbish gifts they had received included ‘wrong’ perfume, socks, candles and even, a car mat.

But while most said the day of lovers is a waste of time, one in three said they’d be gutted if their better half did nothing to celebrate.

Travel together

The research by Railcard.co.uk, found that one in five said a trip away would be the best romantic gesture with the Lake District top destination in the UK.

Relationship expert and coach, Sarah Louise Ryan, said: “Couples who travel together often end up more fulfilled and happier in their relationship.

“There are many reasons for this; inclusive of the fact it encourages communication and can deepen feelings of commitment as they plan their trips ahead of time, looking towards the future.

“Travel allows more opportunities for romance and time outside of the day-to-day routine, meaning romantic sparks can be reignited.

“Where flowers and chocolates can play a part, this Valentine’s Day I’d encourage all couples to carve out some time to book and experience a romantic getaway, whether for a day trip or a long weekend.”

The study also found 36% had considered a trip together as a way to rekindle a floundering relationship.

Webhive Digital’s Revolutionary Approach to SEO: Expanding Online Reach in Braintree, Essex


Webhive Digital, a leading SEO and web design company headed by Kate Smoothy, is transforming the SEO landscape in Essex. In May 2020, amidst the pandemic, Kate embarked on a mission to leave behind the corporate world and collaborate with clients she truly believed in, setting up her business from the comfort of her dining room.

Kate’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. At the age of 12, she discovered her passion for design, teaching herself coding from scratch. Throughout her twenties, she travelled the world, documenting her experiences on a travel blog that garnered a substantial following. As her blog flourished, Kate delved headfirst into the realm of SEO, attracting over 1000 daily visitors and building a global audience.

Upon her return to the UK, Kate pursued a degree in User Experience Design at the University of the Arts London and honed her SEO skills by working for a local marketing company.

In 2020, she transformed adversity into an opportunity by launching her business during the pandemic, utilizing her expertise in SEO to drive its success. Today, she shares her valuable insights and SEO tips with a global audience on TikTok.

Webhive Digital now proudly announces a renewed focus on providing local SEO services in Braintree. Their monthly SEO retainers start at £350 per month and go up to £1,250 per month, offering tailored services to meet the specific needs of individual businesses. For those seeking guidance on their SEO strategy, Webhive Digital conducts comprehensive SEO audits starting at £650 per month, providing a thorough analysis to optimize the visibility of clients’ websites.

The company’s approach to SEO is founded on a deep commitment to understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by its clients. This encompasses resolving visibility issues, where high-quality content fails to reach the intended audience, as well as tackling conversion challenges, where website visitors fail to convert into customers.

Webhive Digital takes pride in creating websites that serve as a business’s most effective salesperson. Each website is strategically designed to cater to the specific requirements of the client’s business, with the primary goal of converting traffic into tangible business outcomes.

With numerous success stories and positive feedback from previous clients, Webhive Digital is quickly gaining recognition for its affordable and impactful services. Clients have commended the company for enhancing their website’s visibility, driving increased traffic, and boosting revenue.

Looking ahead, Webhive Digital harbors ambitious plans to expand its services. The objective is to deliver exceptional results for clients while extending their reach within Braintree, Essex, and beyond.

Webhive Digital encourages anyone seeking to enhance their website’s SEO to explore their dedicated local SEO pages: SEO in Braintree and SEO in Essex. By collaborating with Kate, individuals can elevate their online visibility and take their digital presence to new heights.

About Webhive Digital

Webhive Digital is an esteemed SEO and web design company renowned for its personalized and effective services. Founded by the accomplished designer and digital marketing expert Kate Smoothy, the company’s journey is as exceptional as its innovative approach to SEO.

At present, Webhive Digital offers a comprehensive range of services, including customized WordPress and Shopify website design, monthly SEO packages, SEO audits, and a DIY SEO course. Driven by Kate’s unwavering passion for her work, her commitment to clients, and her inventive approach to SEO, the company continues to flourish and expand.

Entrepreneur Develops Electric Planes to Aid Ukraine in Conflict and Revolutionize Agriculture


Gene Avakyan’s innovative aircraft technology aims to contribute to Ukraine’s defense capabilities and agricultural modernization while revolutionizing the aviation industry.

In a bid to change the world and assist his war-torn birthplace, Gene Avakyan, an aerospace engineer and entrepreneur, has developed revolutionary “robot” planes that he believes can make a significant impact. Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, Avakyan fled the country as a child and has since dedicated his life to aviation and space exploration. With his company, Edison Aerospace, initially focused on developing robotic aircraft for agricultural purposes, Avakyan now aspires to utilize his creations to aid Ukraine in its ongoing conflict.

Avakyan’s personal journey shaped his perspective on the volatility of world events and the need to be prepared for sudden change. Recalling his escape from Ukraine with his parents and grandfather in 1980, he vividly remembers the harrowing experience of navigating through an empty railway yard, evading Soviet soldiers armed with AK-47s. Now, as an entrepreneur, Avakyan’s mission is to support Ukraine’s military and agricultural sectors, recognizing the country’s significant potential for growth and the need for modernization in both industries.

The visionary engineer has been engaged in discussions with US defense officials and Ukrainian politicians regarding aircraft designs suitable for military use. These designs include planes for locating anti-aircraft missile batteries, delivering cargo, and deploying munitions. Avakyan’s technology involves electric, optionally-manned aircraft that can be piloted from the ground or operate autonomously. The aircraft, equipped with batteries comparable in size to those used in Tesla Model Three cars, can fly for approximately an hour and carry a payload of 200 gallons for spraying purposes.

Avakyan envisions his aircraft not only supporting Ukraine’s defense efforts but also revitalizing the country’s agricultural sector. Currently, crop spraying is carried out by pilots flying low and fast in small planes, posing significant risks. Avakyan’s electric planes offer a safer alternative, reducing the likelihood of accidents and fatalities. Moreover, by replacing manned spray aircraft, the technology promises to reduce operating costs for companies engaged in crop dusting, leading to increased profitability.

Beyond Ukraine, Avakyan sees electric aircraft as the future of passenger aviation, with air taxis as the initial step. He aims to secure funding to build a series of prototypes to advance this vision. In addition to Edison Aerospace, Avakyan and his wife, Victoria Unikel, have founded several other successful businesses. They complement each other’s strengths, with Avakyan leading Edison Aerospace while Unikel oversees their other ventures, leveraging her interpersonal skills and charm.

Reflecting on his journey, Avakyan expresses gratitude for the opportunities and successes he has achieved. His parents’ decision to leave the USSR and provide him with a better life in the United States was a sacrifice that he deeply appreciates. Now, he seeks to give back to his birth country by leveraging his expertise and technology to help Ukraine while revolutionizing the aviation and agricultural industries.

Through his innovative aircraft designs and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact, Gene Avakyan embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and the resilience of the human spirit. His electric planes not only have the potential to transform warfare and agriculture but also serve as a testament to the power of individuals to shape the future for the better.

Viewpoint and TrustQuay Finalize Merger, Driving Automation and Digitalization in Wealth, Trust, Corporate, and Funds Services


After obtaining regulatory approval, the merger between TrustQuay and Viewpoint has been successfully concluded, following its initial announcement in February this year. This strategic merger establishes a prominent technology provider based in the United Kingdom, specializing in wealth management, trust administration, corporate services, and fund solutions.

By combining their strengths, the unified organization now serves over 660 customers across Europe and Asia, marking the first time these two companies have come together. Their clientele includes corporate services providers, trust and fund administrators, PLCs, family offices, trust banks, lawyers, and accounting firms.

Customers will enjoy expanded capabilities and a broader range of products, along with increased coverage of regulatory environments and improved global customer service. This round-the-clock support encompasses a comprehensive suite of solutions, including entity management, client accounting, practice management, compliance, governance, and workflow tools. These services are now available to 46,000 operational users across more than 80 jurisdictions.

Furthermore, the merged business can drive greater product innovation, enhance its professional services, customer support, and business development, and accelerate growth across all major product areas. It is supported by 270 employees located in 12 office locations, including Jersey, Guernsey, the UK, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

Upon completion of the merger, Rolf Heemskerk, formerly the CEO of Viewpoint, has assumed the role of CIO in the combined group and has joined the board.

Keith Hale, Group CEO of TrustQuay and Viewpoint, remarks: “Our combined product capabilities, expanded development scale, and global customer service coverage enable us to offer our customers and the wider market an unparalleled range of solutions. Through this merger, our offerings now encompass entity management, practice management, regulatory compliance, workflow, and digital capabilities for corporate services providers, trust administrators, law firms, and trust banks. We are also expanding our product offerings for global corporates and fund administrators.”

Rolf Heemskerk, CIO of the Group, adds: “TrustQuay and Viewpoint are an excellent fit, with complementary product capabilities, geographic coverage, and organizational strength. I am excited to collaborate with Keith and our combined management teams to leverage the talents and strengths of both organizations. Our aim is to assist our customers in digitally transforming their businesses, supporting their future growth and profitability through our state-of-the-art cloud technology and associated services.”

The merged business is supported by Hg and BPEA EQT, leading shareholders who specialize in investing in European and transatlantic software and services businesses, as well as Asian private equity, respectively. These strategic partnerships contribute to the company’s growth and success.

For more information, please visit: https://trustquay.com/

Anticipation Mounts as New Zealand Sports Fans Gear Up for Record-Breaking Bets on Home Turf Women’s World Cup


The upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup, set to be co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand, is expected to attract an unprecedented number of bets from enthusiastic New Zealand sports fans. According to NZCasinoClub.com, an online casino directory, the growing popularity of women’s football, combined with increased competition for the coveted FIFA 2023 Women’s World Cup title, has generated significant interest in online betting.

NZCasinoClub.com predicts that with the tournament taking place on home turf, interest among New Zealanders will reach new heights. While the United States remains the favorite to win with odds at +275, England is a close contender at +350, having clinched the European Championship against Germany last year. Many believe that England has the potential to challenge the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT). Sports betting enthusiasts are well aware that sporting events can produce surprising outcomes, so it’s worth considering that Germany, Spain, and France, who closely trail the USWNT and England’s Lionesses, could also be strong contenders.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup will feature 32 countries divided into eight groups, marking the first time such a large number of teams will participate. In the previous tournament held in 2019, 24 teams competed. The top 10 favorites for this summer’s tournament include host nation Australia, Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, and Sweden. The tournament will kick off on July 20th with opening games in both New Zealand and Australia on the same day. New Zealand’s Eden Park will host the match between New Zealand and Norway, while Australia will face Ireland at Stadium Australia, the Olympic stadium in Sydney. The final will take place at Stadium Australia on August 20th, with matches also being held in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide in Australia, as well as in Wellington, Dunedin, and Hamilton in New Zealand.


The spokesperson for NZCasinoClub.com highlighted that while the men’s FIFA World Cup generated NZD $57 billion in bets worldwide last year, with 65,000 New Zealanders placing bets on the men’s tournament alone, this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup is expected to surpass any previous records for online betting in women’s football. The previous FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2019 saw approximately NZD $160 million in bets globally, but NZCasinoClub.com predicts that this year’s event will far exceed that total.

NZCasinoClub.com serves as a trusted online directory of casino sites where bettors can securely place their bets. The company’s experts simplify the process of comparing various gambling sites, taking into account factors such as bonuses, game selection, and payment methods, in order to help players find the right gambling website. Each casino featured on the site has undergone a rigorous evaluation process, prioritizing safety and fairness. The spokesperson for NZCasinoClub.com emphasized that the company’s focus is on the players rather than the gambling sites, and their expert advice remains unbiased as they evaluate each site based on strict criteria. The site’s lists are updated daily, and they are committed to reporting both the positive and negative aspects of gambling sites.

Passport Waiting Time Collaborates with We Jump Any Line to Enhance Customers’ Seamless Travel Experience


Passport Waiting Time (PWT), a leading independent online passport service provider, has recently acquired We Jump Any Line (WeJump), an innovative online platform aimed at simplifying the process of waiting in line for customers.

PWT was founded by Andy Anderson with the vision of providing passport applicants with accurate information about the waiting time for their passports. Since its launch in the UK four years ago, PWT has become a trusted source of passport-related news and information in the UK media and beyond.

Over time, the company has expanded its services to include real-time updates on passport waiting times, comprehensive customer feedback and reviews, and an online forum for passport-related discussions. PWT has also ventured into the global market, successfully launching in the US and Canada within the past year. The goal is to offer valuable insights and data to customers waiting for passports in these regions, while also providing exclusive travel discounts to its user base.

WeJump, created by entrepreneur and Argella founder Amar Rajani, is a service designed to alleviate the inconvenience of waiting in any line. By offering real-time data, insights, and fast-track tips, WeJump helps individuals navigate queues efficiently. The concept for WeJump originated when Amar experienced the process of waiting in line for Her Majesty The Queen’s Lying-in-State in 2022. It was during this experience that Amar recognized the potential to leverage the combination of data, technology, and behavioral psychology to address the complexities of queuing.

Commenting on the acquisition, Amar stated, “As a previous user of Passport Waiting Time, I was fascinated by the level of data, visibility, and transparency they provided through crowd sourcing. I reached out to Andy to express my admiration for his platform and soon realized its broad applicability to various other travel services I frequently use, such as booking VIP fast-track services or understanding queue times when planning attractions abroad.”

This acquisition will enable PWT to offer its customers an even more comprehensive range of travel services, including valuable tips and opportunities to bypass long queues and legitimately jump ahead in line. It seamlessly complements PWT’s existing suite of services.

Andy expressed his excitement about the collaboration, saying, “We are delighted to welcome WeJump to the Passport Waiting Time family. This acquisition will allow us to provide our customers with an enhanced and seamless travel experience, from the moment they start planning their trip until they return home.”

With the integration of WeJump, Passport Waiting Time aims to solidify its position as the premier destination for all travel and passport application-related needs. The company remains committed to delivering the best possible travel experience to its customers.

About Passport Waiting Time

Passport Waiting Time collects data to offer real-time estimates of passport processing times across the UK, US, and Canada, with plans to expand to other countries soon.

For more information, please visit:
UK – passportwaitingtime.co.uk
US – passportwaitingtime.com
CA – passportwaitingtime.ca

About We Jump Any Line

We Jump Any Line eliminates the inconvenience of waiting in line by providing step-by-step guidance on how to legitimately bypass queues. It offers fast-track options, useful tips, live data, and a platform for users to share their experiences and ideas.

For more information, please visit: wejumpanyline.com

About Argella

Argella provides advisory support and expertise to businesses of all sizes, assisting with scaling up start-ups and enabling digital and data-led transformations.

For more information, please visit: argella.co.uk

Gadsby Wicks Secures Settlement in Case of Delayed Delivery Causing Cerebral Palsy


Gadsby Wicks, a specialist medical negligence firm, has successfully assisted their client in reaching a fair settlement after a case of delayed delivery resulted in a newborn being diagnosed with dystonic athetoid cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

The case was led by Alan Mendham, a Partner at Gadsby Wicks and an experienced Medical Negligence Solicitor with nearly two decades of expertise.

Case Details:

In this anonymised case to protect the identity of the child and their family, the newborn was delivered following a prolonged second stage of labour. The attending midwives failed to diagnose the delayed second stage and allowed it to continue for three hours without involving an obstetrician or taking appropriate actions to augment labour.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the midwives attempted two manual rotations without seeking assistance from an obstetrician or initiating a CTG trace.

During delivery, the baby displayed flat vital signs and had the umbilical cord loosely wrapped around their neck. The child did not exhibit respiratory effort. Immediate Apgar testing showed a score of 1 at 1 minute after birth, 4 at 5 minutes, and 5 at 10 minutes. Cord gas results indicated pH levels of 6.961 BE 15.4 and pH 6.947 BE 15.4.

Paediatricians were called to assist, and the newborn required resuscitation, ventilation, and experienced seizures within hours of birth. Subsequently, the child was diagnosed with dystonic athetoid cerebral palsy and epilepsy, resulting in an inability to walk unaided, communicate verbally, and requiring assistance for feeding through a PEG.

The Claim:

The claim was based on the midwives’ failure to adequately monitor the foetal heart rate during both stages of labour. They also failed to diagnose or document the commencement of the second stage of labour and did not recognize the prolonged duration of this phase, which warranted an obstetric review.

Additionally, no obstetric review took place despite a reduction in the frequency of contractions in the presence of maternal pyrexia, and the healthcare teams did not initiate a CTG trace when necessary. Incompetent manual rotations were performed by the midwives, who also inaccurately recorded the foetal heart rate.

The outcome:

Legal proceedings were initiated after the Defendants initially denied any breach of duty and causation. However, prior to the exchange of expert evidence, it was agreed that judgement should be entered for the Claimant, entitling them to 85% of the full value of the claim. The case settled shortly before trial after further assessment of quantum.

“While no amount of compensation can fully compensate for the distress and damage caused, we are pleased to have provided the family with the answers, justice, and financial support they rightfully deserved,” said Alan Mendham, the solicitor leading the claim.

“Through the dedicated efforts of our team, the claimant’s family now has the financial security to navigate the challenges their child will face in the future.”

Gadsby Wicks remains committed to providing exceptional legal representation to those affected by medical negligence, as the firm has witnessed a significant increase in the number of medical negligence inquiries received in the past year.

London marks Oita’s fourth year!


London marks Oita’s fourth year!

Japan’s spa capital is Oita in the western prefecture. With more refreshing, lovely hot springs than anywhere else in Japan – perhaps even the world – it makes a perfect extension to any Japan vacation for holidaymakers looking for a totally refreshing experience.

Aside from its celebrated spas, Oita has plenty to offer in the form of art, history, exquisite cuisine, and natural beauty. Furthermore, you can expect a warm welcome when you arrive. To help travellers learn about our beloved prefecture, the Oita Prefectural Government established a tourist desk in London four years ago. We’ve held firm here in the UK and are even expanding our presence to France as well! If you’d like assistance while planning your trip – whether that be in French or English – don’t hesitate to get in touch. Now, let’s take a look at some of the amazing attractions that await you in Oita!

Beppu and Yufuin hot springs

Located on the idyllic western island of Kyushu, Oita Prefecture is known for its hot springs – onsen in Japanese. Oita pumps out hundreds of millions of litres of mineral-rich healing water each year to the people of Japan, who love a dip in a warm bath. You can treat aches, pains and many other ailments with it, as well as beauty and skincare treatments.

Beppu, Japan cityscape with hot spring bath houses at night.

It’s a pleasure to visit the seaside city of Beppu, one of the largest in Oita. The mountains are right at the shoreline, and the city is built up into the hills where there is so much geothermal activity that steam billows out into the air from natural steam vents all around town. Onsen in Beppu specialize in a variety of styles, including the black sand bath, which clears your pores and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

Yufuin, on the other hand, is Oita’s cultural heart. This is a charming town with art galleries, hip cafes, and trendy boutiques. As a result of its location at the foot of Mt Yufu, it is a great place to explore the wilderness and host several major art and literary festivals each year. The onsen culture in this region is also exquisite, and many people enjoy soaking in the minerals and the atmosphere for days!


Kyushu Tour

For the first time in October 2023, the Tour de Kyushu will take place as part of the UCI Asia Tour across the island. It is the third and final stage of the race that passes through Oita; the highlight of this section is a high-speed sprint down 700m before circling around the picturesque town centre of Hita.

Stay on a farm

A Farm Stay is a cosy night spent in the home of a welcoming host family on a range of charming working farms. This type of green tourism originated in Oita Prefecture, in the city of Usa.

Noson Mimpaku is a unique holiday philosophy which appeals to people of all ages and nationalities. Visitors have the opportunity to stay at the homes of local farmers and take in their authentic lifestyle, whilst also discovering a range of exciting destinations – from animal farms and fisheries to mushroom farms, tofu producers and more. Aside from these fascinating experiences, guests are even able to learn how to make delicious dishes using fresh ingredients! Oita is truly a special place that provides an unforgettable spiritual journey – whether it’s an exploration of the coast, a venture through rivers, hikes into the highlands or sojourns on remote islands.

Ferry to Osaka overnight

Flying to Oita Airport, taking a train from Hiroshima to Fukuoka, or taking an overnight ferry from Osaka or Kobe are all excellent ways to get to Oita from mainland Japan. There’s no better way to travel – and it doubles as one-night accommodation, too!

We recommend a cruise back to the mainland on an overnight voyage from Beppu to the lively city of Osaka. You will spend the night in a spacious, deluxe cabin, and wake up bright and early ready for your next adventure. In January, the Sunflower Kurenai – the first LNG-powered ferry to travel this route – set sail, and the Sunflower Murasaki set sail in April 2023.

We at the Oita desk in London would be only too glad to hear from you with any questions or requests, so please do not hesitate to contact us!

Queer Spirits Secures Prime Trading Location on Oxford Street


Queer Spirits is delighted to announce its triumph in a nationwide competition organized by Adobe and Enterprise Nation.

Queer Spirits, a drinks company owned by members of the LGBTQ+ community, is committed to crafting exceptional spirits while championing diversity and supporting their LGBTQ+ community. Among numerous entrants, they are one of the ten small businesses chosen to claim a coveted spot on Europe’s busiest shopping destination.

Oli Powell, who, alongside husband Jon Gronow, operates Queer Spirits as a passion project, expressed overwhelming joy at their competition victory. “We still can’t fathom that we’ve emerged victorious. It’s a dream come true and a testament to all the hard work we’ve invested. We’re just a pair of individuals from South Wales who aspired to create a magnificent gin to honour our community. Now, here we are, preparing to launch a store on the renowned Oxford Street.”

Jon added, “This competition has truly tested our resilience. Currently, we solely operate online and possess no prior experience with brick-and-mortar retail. To prepare everything within a two-week timeframe, we’ve had to think swiftly and confront challenges we’re unaccustomed to. We are immensely proud of our accomplishments.”

Queer Spirits’ distinctive gin, boasting an exquisite fusion of exotic botanicals and bold flavours, will prominently feature in a temporary retail space situated at 58 Oxford Street, promising an extravagant celebration of queerness.

“We acknowledge that we may be small players in a vast arena, but we genuinely believe that the more authentic queer brands flourish, pursuing their passions, the more vibrant and joyous our collective community will become,” expressed Oli.

During their two-day residency, commencing on May 24th, Queer Spirits will donate a portion of their proceeds to Kaleidoscope Trust, a UK-based charity dedicated to advocating for the human rights of LGBTQ+ individuals worldwide.

Alongside their collaboration with Kaleidoscope Trust, Queer Spirits has provided support to various LGBTQ+ organizations and events since its inception, including Blackstage, which highlights the achievements of queer pole dancers of colour, and Camden Bells, a grassroots football team that warmly welcomes women, trans individuals, and gender nonconforming people of all skill levels.

Sharing the pop-up shop with Queer Spirits will be fellow entrepreneur Elisabeth Ola, the visionary founder of TRU SKN, an innovative beauty company devoted to instilling confidence, empowerment, and inclusivity.

As part of the event, Queer Spirits will unveil their new bottle design, granting early access to shop visitors. However, the journey hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing, as Oli explains.

“Things haven’t unfolded precisely as we initially envisioned, which can be challenging to accept when your identity is deeply personal and close to your heart. Nevertheless, witnessing the growth of our brand amidst extraordinary circumstances has been an immensely enjoyable experience.”

In an exciting collaboration, Queer Spirits has partnered with Double Dutch, the award-winning mixer brand, to offer Gin & Tonic samples to attendees throughout the two-day affair. This joint effort aims to enhance the in-store experience for customers and tantalize their taste buds.

Exclusive merchandise, including t-shirts, tote bags, and candles, will also be on sale, proudly showcasing the brand’s name and signature pink color palette.

Join Queer Spirits at their pop-up shop located at 58 Oxford Street, where you can embrace authenticity, celebrate diversity, and relish in the fabulousness of Queer Spirits.

Baroness Karen Brady and Seth Godin Inspire Change at Timeline’s Adviser 3.0 ‘Change Agents’ Conference

Last week’s conference event in London proved to be a catalyst for positive change within the financial advice sector. With participation from numerous top firms, hundreds of advisers gathered to engage in insightful conversations and explore the latest innovations propelling the industry forward.

‘Adviser 3.0: Change Agents,’ organised by the UK’s fastest growing discretionary fund manager Timeline, saw top financial advisers joined at the conference by the star of the BBC TV’s The Apprentice, Baroness Karren Brady CBE who headlined a stellar line-up of expert speakers from throughout the industry. World-renowned author Seth Godin also spoke to delegates by live satellite link. 

Co-hosted by the Financial Times Alphaville’s Robin Wigglesworth and Timeline’s CEO Abraham Okusanya, delegates heard from speakers such as Sean Hegarty, Managing Director of Vanguard Europe on ‘The Future of Advice’, Ola Adbul, CEO of Fundment, about ‘The Platform Paradox’ and were treated to a Fireside Chat between David Ferguson, CEO of Seccl, and CEO of Fundcsape Bella Caridade-Ferrara.

A round of quick-burst Tech talks showcasing the latest developments were given by Nucleus, Model Office, Seccl, Vanguard, Fundment, Transact, Asset Map, and Timeline with a number of exclusive reveals being made to excite the audience further while specialist panellist sessions included deep dives into other hot topics like ESG.

Social media has been flooded with positive responses from delegates publicly capturing the mood of the day, including Aleksandra Sasin, Founder of Navigatus, Chartered Financial Planner and a supporter of women in financial planning, who said: “Timeline – thank you for such a wonderfully inspirational day! I’m filled with positivity and more conviction than ever that we should all just be our authentic selves”.

Chris Davies, Founder and CEO of the regtech Model Office, reflected:  “With fantastic speeches from business star Baroness Karen Brady and marketing guru Seth Godin, plus great industry presentations, it was just the tonic for those who do such great and important work for their clients and contribute so positively to the financial planning profession and financial services industry at large”.  

CEO of Timeline, Abraham Okusanya concluded, “Adviser 3.0 was undoubtedly the best financial adviser conference of 2023 and was everything I envisioned and then more!  Everyone attending experienced what we’re seeking to achieve in a unique atmosphere with a brilliant array of speakers and panelists. 

We saw a wealth of ideas and discussion that will undoubtedly drive positive change in the industry and help millions retire with confidence. We’ve had overwhelming feedback. We are already planning for the 2024 event – every adviser is welcome and should pencil in May 16th 2024 to come and join us”

Building on this hugely successful first event and Timeline’s impressive commitment to innovation, it’s clear that the way in which the event inspired IFAs means that the next event will be hugely anticipated throughout the sector.

To find out more, visit: http://www.timeline.co/

Acquisition of Tekkers Media by CAMO Digital will Help Agency to Reach ‘New Heights’

In a strategic move, Tekkers Media, a prominent football media brand based in London, have recently been acquired by leading talent, lifestyle and sports agency, CAMO Digital. This further solidifies CAMO Digital’s position in the sports industry and strengthens its commitment to delivering high-quality content and engaging experiences to its global audience.

Tekkers Media has gained widespread recognition for its exceptional curation of the best football skills, goals, and news content from around the world. With a strong presence on various digital platforms, including social media, Tekkers has cultivated a loyal following of over 1.2 million football enthusiasts.

CAMO Digital Founder, Dan Cholerton, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the acquisition. He said: “We are thrilled to have acquired Tekkers Media. It’s a brand I have closely collaborated with for several years, and I truly believe that together we can reach new heights. 

“As the football community evolves with emerging platforms and shifting social norms, we are determined to leverage our already established global following. The introduction of Tekhers, the women’s football  brand, is just one of many new communities we aim to nurture in the coming years.”

With this acquisition, CAMO Digital aims to harness the expertise and reputation of Tekkers Media to enhance its digital presence, expand its reach, and connect with an even wider audience of football fans. By leveraging Tekkers’ extensive network and content creation capabilities, CAMO Digital is poised to deliver immersive experiences and engaging narratives across multiple digital platforms.

Tekkers Media will continue to operate under its well-established brand, ensuring continuity and building upon the trust it has developed with its passionate followers. Through this collaboration, CAMO Digital and Tekkers Media will jointly develop innovative strategies, exploring new possibilities in the rapidly evolving sports and lifestyle landscape.

For more information about CAMO Digital and its diverse range of sports, lifestyle, and talent services, please click here.