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Inga Grigaitiene’s Remarkable Rise to Success at A & B Guest House in Cambridge

A & B Guest House, a renowned establishment in Cambridge, proudly showcases the extraordinary journey of its Managing Director, Inga Grigaitiene, from her modest start to becoming a celebrated figure in the hospitality sector.

Inga Grigaitiene, initially a children’s nurse in Lithuania, faced a daunting transition when she moved to the UK with a mere $400, lent by a friend, following a divorce. With a strong resolve to forge a new path, she focused on providing a sound financial upbringing for her young child in a new country.

Her remarkable transformation from a room cleaner to the Managing Director of A & B Guest House is a shining example of her relentless commitment and resilience. Her career in hospitality began at Cambridge City Tenison Guest House, where she stepped up as the landlady battled breast cancer.

A significant opportunity arose when A & B Guest House, conveniently located close by, was up for management. Inga seized the chance to oversee both establishments. Her feature on “Hotel Inspector” with Alex Polizzi at Tenison Guest House marked a significant milestone, leading to enhanced standards and international acclaim through guest reviews and postcards.

Inga’s dedication to her professional development is evident in her £60,000 investment in various hospitality courses, including those focused on Bed and Breakfast management. Her efforts to improve her English, her third language, underscore her relentless pursuit of excellence in her field.

Under Inga’s leadership, A & B Guest House earned the Hotels Combined Recognition of Excellence in 2022, achieving an impressive 8.5 rating from guests. The guest house maintains an 89% occupancy rate, soaring to 94% during summer, indicative of the exceptional service provided by Inga and her team.

Attributing the guest house’s success to a deep understanding of cultural diversity and continuous improvement, Inga Grigaitiene remarks, “Returning guests due to exceptional customer service are the biggest award.”

Guests are invited to experience the exemplary hospitality at A & B Guest House. For bookings in Cambridge, visit www.aandbguesthousecambridge.com.


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