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Model Chloe Amour Opens Up About Her Body Confidence Journey

Chloe Amour, a highly followed model with over 2.1 million Instagram admirers (@realchloeamour), is candidly speaking out about her personal struggle with body confidence, despite the continuous adoration from her online fans. In this insightful piece by Freya Coombes, Chloe’s path of self-realization is illuminated, revealing the model’s battles, victories, and the influential power of sharing her narrative on the internet.

Residing in Los Angeles, 32-year-old Chloe Amour has caught the media’s eye with her striking appearance and a substantial social media fan base. Despite receiving daily praise from her followers, Chloe confronts ongoing self-doubt issues, reflecting a common struggle among women. The model, who previously resorted to fillers to modify her look, has recently made the decision to reverse these procedures.

In an exclusive dialogue with NudePR, Chloe Amour discusses the transformative impact of publicizing her personal journey. “I may be a model, but I have body issues just like other women,” Chloe asserts. She looks back on her transition from facing ridicule in her younger years for her slender frame to gaining confidence by posting risqué photos online, a move that made her feel “empowered and sexy.”

Chloe candidly speaks about her past insecurities and the challenges she encountered during her formative years. “People have always seen beauty in me since I was young, but I didn’t become more comfortable with it until adulthood,” she acknowledges. Chloe also recounts how envy over her appearance led to the loss of friendships, impacting her self-assurance and making everyday activities, such as grocery shopping, difficult.

In 2020, Chloe underwent a physical change, gaining 20lbs and transitioning to a fuller figure. Although initially struggling with this shift, Chloe now celebrates her body, bolstered by the encouraging response from her social media community. Despite the positive feedback, she admits to still occasionally grappling with negative self-image and body dysmorphia.

Beyond her career in modelling, Chloe talks about her experiences in the dating world, highlighting the need for self-love in finding genuine romance and acceptance. “I realised, how can I find love if I can’t love myself?” Chloe ponders.

Chloe Amour is now dedicated to inspiring others to embrace their bodies and imperfections. She advocates self-acceptance, stating, “I sometimes struggle to love my body, but I have accepted no one is perfect. You should try to love yourself, as others see you as beautiful.”

Chloe’s story powerfully illustrates the intricacies of body confidence in the digital age and emphasises the crucial role of self-love in tackling personal challenges.


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