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Piers Day Introduces Groundbreaking Service for Mental Health Recovery

Celebrating thirty years in the mental health sector, Piers Day, a renowned professional coach, counselor, and therapist, has recently launched a new service aimed at aiding those returning to work after mental health challenges.

Piers, with an extensive 25-year background as a coach and counselor, has been vital in rescuing lives and aiding the rehabilitation of countless individuals and their families. His approach combines various therapies, including hypnosis, NLP, and meditation, offering support through both remote sessions and in-person consultations.

The catalyst for Piers’ dedication to mental health was the loss of a friend to depression in 1992. This event, combined with the loss of two others in his life, drove Piers to explore mental health and suicide prevention deeply.

Shifting from a 20-year tenure in property in London, Piers redirected his focus to mental health in 1992. He attended the Cambridge College of Hypnotherapy and travelled internationally to learn advanced therapeutic techniques. His investment of over £100,000 in study and personal development has equipped him with a range of diplomas and a wealth of knowledge.

Piers stands as a beacon of hope in the field, advocating for mindset shifts and alternative recovery methods beyond medication. His ongoing commitment to training others in combating depression and dark thoughts is a cornerstone of his work.

Acknowledging the significant impact of mental health issues on work absences in the UK, Piers underscores the need for qualified mental health assistance.

He explains, “With the right assistance, anyone can overcome depression, and I remain steadfast in my commitment to providing the necessary support. As I celebrate three decades of transformative work, I look ahead to continuing my mission of making a positive impact on mental health and well-being.”

For further information about Piers Day’s support services, visit piersday.com.


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