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“Bangladesh Brush Strokes: Masters and Mavericks” Art Exhibition

Revolution Gallery and Woolwich Works proudly present the “Bangladesh Brush Strokes: Masters and Mavericks” art exhibition, a captivating showcase of masterpieces by revered Bangladeshi artists. This extraordinary exhibition is set to open on Sunday, November 12th, and will run until Saturday, November 18th, 2023.

This exceptional art exhibition will feature a curated collection of the most iconic works by Bangladesh’s eminent artistic luminaries. Among the featured artists are Zainul Abedin, SM Sultan, Quamrul Hassan, Rashid Choudhury, Mohammad Kibria, Murtaja Baseer, Abdus Shakoor, Dhali Al Mamoon, Dilara Begum Jolly, Fareha Zeba, Wakilur Rahman, Kazi Salauddin Ahmed, Syed Golam Dastagir, and Bishwajit Goswami. These visionary artists have harnessed their creative prowess to depict the rich cultural heritage and diverse people of Bangladesh.

In 1944, Zainul Abedin, affectionately known as Shilpacharya (Master of Art), gained widespread acclaim for a series of paintings that depicted the harrowing famines endured by Bengal during the British colonial era.

Conversely, SM Sultan achieved fame through his powerful portrayals of Bangladeshi peasants engaged in their daily lives, often characterised by their strikingly muscular physiques.

Artists such as Quamrul Hassan, Rashid Choudhury, and Abdus Shakoor have delved into the intricate world of tapestry and folk traditions, contributing to the cultural tapestry of Bangladesh.

Dilara Begum Jolly is celebrated for shedding light on gender discrimination and fearlessly expressing feminist perspectives through her art. Similarly, Fareha Zeba’s work explores feminist themes and encompasses social realism and political commentary.

The artworks by these esteemed artists offer just a glimpse of the treasures that will grace this exhibition. In addition to these, a diverse array of pieces by other prominent artists will be on display, providing a comprehensive view of Bangladeshi artistry.

The “Bangladesh Brush Strokes: Masters and Mavericks” exhibition will be hosted at Woolwich Works: Coopers Studio and will be open from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Admission to this extraordinary exhibition is free, and we extend a warm invitation to all art enthusiasts to join us as we celebrate the creative brilliance exhibited by Bangladesh’s renowned artists across a spectrum of artistic mediums.


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