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Exclusive Interview with Renowned Contemporary Artist and Curator Xi Wang: Tracing His Journey in Contemporary Art

Regina Burgher’s in-depth discussion with the esteemed contemporary artist and curator Xi Wang took place on December 21, 2023.

Xi Wang, a prominent figure in the Chinese international art scene, is renowned for his work as an art curator, artist, and writer. His focus lies in contemporary philosophy and art research. A graduate of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Wang founded the Shanghai Yaosha Cultural Communication Co., Ltd in 2018. He holds memberships in the American Oil Painting Society and the American Oil Painting and Acrylic Society. His career in art curation and exhibitions is distinguished by his extensive international experience, including artistic collaborations and curated exhibitions across numerous countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco, and the Vatican. Wang’s professional life involves frequent travel between Europe and China, underscoring his expertise in international art curation and exhibitions.

XI WANG “Metaphysics – Skipping Rope”

As an artist, Xi Wang’s presence on the international stage has been notable in recent years. His artworks have graced various prestigious venues, including the London Contemporary Art Fair in 2023, the Paris Contemporary Art Juried Exhibition in 2022, the International Contemporary Art Fair at the Carrousel Exhibition Hall of the Louvre in Paris, and the Independent Art Salon of the Grand Palais Museum in Paris. His artistic creations are celebrated for their diverse styles, creative depth, and profound thought, garnering widespread acclaim within the international art fraternity.

XI WANG “Metaphysics – Lilith’s Tentacle”

In his role as a curator, Xi Wang boasts an impressive portfolio of curatorial endeavours both on home soil and internationally. Since 2016, his independent curatorial projects have earned him international acclaim. In recent years, Wang has curated numerous solo and group exhibitions, providing a platform for many artists to showcase their talents. His notable solo exhibitions include those of artists like Remy Ayron, Xu Songbo, Hui Yuge, Guo Yaguan, Yan Zeming, and Wang Shouzhang. His group exhibitions encompass a variety of themes and include the London Contemporary Juried Exhibition, RESTART International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Excellent Chinese and Foreign Art Exhibition, Jing·Jing International Glass Art Exhibition, Modern Art Exhibition, National Oil Painting Famous Invitational Exhibition, and the Beijing Contemporary Art Exhibition.

XI WANG “Metaphysics – The Origin of the Universe”

Xi Wang’s curatorial approach is distinguished by its uniqueness and avant-garde perspective, with a focus on the intrinsic value of artworks and the contemporary diversity of expression. He is fervently dedicated to fostering international art exchange and promotion. Presently, his primary focus is on facilitating dialogues and cultural exchanges between China and Western countries through exhibitions and events held in China, France, the UK, and other nations. His expertise in curation has earned him high praise from internationally acclaimed artists and audiences, including the likes of Prasad Beaven, Leng Jun, and Mark Tangi.

Xi Wang’s artistic and curatorial endeavours have been celebrated both domestically and internationally. Contemporary artists of global renown who have participated in his curated exhibitions, such as Annie Trevorah from the UK, Rémy Aron from France, Phil Hohn from Germany, and Stacy Isenbarger from the US, have all risen to prominence through his exhibitions. Wang’s efforts and talents have significantly contributed to the positive image of Chinese contemporary art on the global stage and have facilitated artistic exchanges between Chinese and international artists. His achievements and contributions extend beyond the art world, playing a vital role in enhancing China’s cultural dialogues and international influence.

XI WANG “Metaphysics – Dislocation”

As a passionate and creative contemporary artist and curator, Xi Wang’s “Metaphysics Series” and curated exhibitions not only showcase his profound love and talent for art but also reflect his deep contemplation and unique insights into the evolution of contemporary art. His contributions to the development of the art world and international cultural exchanges are invaluable. The art community eagerly anticipates more of his remarkable work and achievements in the future.

XI WANG “Metaphysics – Four-pointed Star”


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