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Bespoke International Group Thrives on Retail Sector Wins

Bespoke International Group, a renowned outsourcing and managed customer services specialist, is experiencing a surge in turnover projections thanks to significant account wins in the retail sector.

Founded by pioneers of the outsourced customer service industry in South Africa, the company is celebrating its 5th year of successful trading, marked by consistent growth over the previous 4 years. As a preferred supplier to the retail sector, Bespoke International Group has secured new accounts in the first half of 2023, expanding its already extensive retail and e-retail portfolio.

Sales Director, Keith Shanks, attributed their recent success to their expertise in delivering quality, agility, and peak flexibility for multinational e-retailers. He stated, “Our ability to provide exceptional service and adaptability has enabled us to win over major UK-based retail clients this year. We are proud to have onboarded a leading multi-brand retailer and a major UK-based clothing retailer. Both partnerships hold immense growth potential, extending into the peak trading period and beyond to 2024.”

Bespoke International Group’s remarkable success in winning new business can be credited to their dedicated team. The company’s agility allows for rapid onboarding and scaling of new accounts without compromising on quality, making their proposition truly compelling. Their advisors in Durban excel at providing omni-channel customer service support and inbound sales. Being well-acquainted with the seasonality of the retail industry, the company accurately plans and flexes to meet seasonal demands, ensuring unwavering support during crucial times.

As mid-October marks the beginning of the peak season in the retail sector, the demand gradually builds up towards Black Friday in November and continues through the festive and new year period. Account planning is strategically done well in advance, with clear objectives set for recruitment, staff training, and performance KPIs.

With continuous year-on-year growth and pioneering contributions to the development of retail sector outsourcing in South Africa, Bespoke International Group has firmly established itself as a leading player in the industry. The company’s strong UK client base has also led to the establishment of a UK-based senior team, offering valuable face-to-face consultation during the onboarding process and on an ongoing basis.

To learn more about Bespoke International Group, please visit www.bespokeinternationalgroup.com or email Keith Shanks, Sales Director, at [email protected].


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