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BizPlan.io receives Innovate UK Funding to Revolutionise Business Planning

BizPlan.io, a groundbreaking ConsulTech platform dedicated to reshaping the global business planning landscape, proudly announces its recent acquisition of esteemed funding from Innovate UK. With this funding, BizPlan.io is poised to redefine the traditional consulting paradigm by seamlessly integrating traditional expertise with the capabilities of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing (NLP) technology. The outcome? An innovative and accessible business document solution for startups and SMEs that will revolutionize business planning worldwide.

Ishan Chadha, CEO and Founder of BizPlan.io, expressed his enthusiasm for the funding and its transformative potential. “Innovate UK’s recognition of our innovative approach to business planning reaffirms our mission. We’re determined to democratize business consulting by empowering consultants with AI tools, driving costs down by a staggering 70%. Our vision is to create a synergy between traditional consulting excellence and cutting-edge technology, fostering inclusive entrepreneurship accessible to businesses of all scales.”

BizPlan.io’s groundbreaking platform leverages AI-driven automation, streamlining and expediting the business planning process. This innovative approach empowers entrepreneurs to effortlessly create professional business documents by merging the expertise of traditional consulting with the power of technology. These documents, meticulously reviewed by expert consultants from BizPlan.io’s team, enhance inclusivity and accessibility within the entrepreneurial landscape.

The core of BizPlan.io’s technology serves a dual purpose, benefiting both entrepreneurs and consultants. The platform provides an intuitive interface for entrepreneurs, automating the complex task of crafting business documents. This frees up time, allowing entrepreneurs to concentrate on crucial business strategies. For consultants, the technology augments their expertise, enabling them to offer nuanced and personalized guidance to entrepreneurs.

As the recipient of Innovate UK funding, BizPlan.io is positioned to expand its impact across diverse sectors. By infusing AI-driven automation into the business planning workflow, the platform simplifies the creation of essential business documents, enabling entrepreneurs to focus on core business activities and growth strategies.

BizPlan.io’s unwavering commitment to affordability, accessibility, and excellence remains steadfast. As the company harnesses its technological prowess, it steadfastly advocates for inclusive entrepreneurship, equipping startups and SMEs with essential tools to excel in today’s dynamic business landscape.


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