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Dr. Sven Lachhein’s Berlin Venture Builder Bolstered by Acquisition of Finsu’s Eco-Commerce Tech

In a notable development in the tech world, Finsu, a burgeoning platform for sustainable shopping, has been acquired by a venture led by the serial tech entrepreneur Dr. Sven Lachhein.

Dr. Lachhein, known for his successful ventures and raising substantial venture capital, aims to leverage this acquisition to enhance Finsu’s unique sustainable ecommerce strategy, marking a significant step in his venture-building efforts in Berlin.

Finsu was founded in 2021 by Frederik Muelke and Dr. Julius Simon, with Ric Rodriguez joining as a co-founder the following year. The company’s proprietary technology has effectively bridged the gap between consumers and premier sustainable brands on the internet.

CEO Frederik Muelke expressed his pride, saying, “I am immensely proud of what the team have achieved in such a short time. Finsu’s strong traction to date shows the enormous promise in removing access barriers to verifiably eco-conscious brands, and Sven and his team are

well positioned to help accelerate Finsu’s positive impact by bringing the vision to an even broader audience. Seeing their level of confidence in what we have built has been tremendously rewarding.”

Finsu has demonstrated significant early milestones, establishing partnerships with numerous leading sustainable brands, experiencing rapid sales and user base growth, and attracting investment through two financing rounds from expert investors.

Dr. Sven Lachhein commented on the acquisition, “We are very excited to guide Finsu through its next chapter. The founding team have laid a powerful foundation, and we have high conviction in the potential of their tech, market fit and established networks. We will work hard to deliver positive impact at scale, accelerating the existing growth in a meaningful way.”

Following the acquisition, the original founders of Finsu will continue to contribute as strategic advisors. Dr. Lachhein noted, “I think their deep expertise in the space and experience as effective operators will be important as we navigate this exciting new growth phase for Finsu.” The deal, having received the nod from Finsu shareholders and supported legally by Markus Presch, has now been finalised.


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