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Elwood Advisors Welcomes Christine Wilson as New Director of Communications

In a significant development for the boutique consultancy firm Elwood Advisors, Christine Wilson has been appointed as the new Director of Communications. This move marks a new chapter for the firm, underscoring its dedication to growth and the expansion of its service offerings in the challenging sector of business consultancy.

Founders George Kefalas and Michael Ariti, who have propelled Elwood Advisors to a prominent position in the industry, have cultivated a portfolio of tailored solutions ranging from corporate finance to brand strategy and stakeholder engagement. Their visionary approach has consistently delivered success for their clients.

The addition of Christine Wilson to the team underscores Elwood Advisors’ commitment to ambitious growth. George Kefalas expressed his excitement, stating, “Bringing Christine into the fold is a game-changer for us. Her track record is impeccable, and her familiarity with our operations makes her the perfect choice to lead our communications efforts. We’re looking at a bright future ahead with Christine on board.”

Wilson comes to Elwood Advisors with a robust background in leading significant campaigns and initiatives, perfectly aligning with the firm’s ethos of providing bespoke consultancy services. “Working alongside George and John in the past has been a highlight of my career. I’m thrilled to be joining Elwood Advisors officially and am excited to contribute to the firm’s narrative and growth,” Wilson remarked.

Her role is pivotal in Elwood Advisors’ strategy to enhance its consultancy services and reaffirm its commitment to excellence in client service. Michael Ariti noted, “Christine’s approach to communications is exactly what we need to propel our growth and enhance our market presence. We’re confident that her leadership will enrich our team’s dynamics and help us achieve new milestones.”

With Christine Wilson at the helm of communications, Elwood Advisors is set to embark on a period of invigorated focus and strategic development. The firm remains dedicated to navigating clients through the complexities of achieving prosperous and sustainable business ventures.


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