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Energy Experts Unveil New Programme to Bolster Employee Wellbeing

Amid the rising concern over fuel poverty and its influence on employee morale, Residential Energy Services (RES) has unveiled their latest initiative, the Workplace Energy Advice programme.

Sponsored by The Department of Energy Security & Net Zero and Midlands Net Zero Hub, this programme provides employees with the flexibility to access support for improving energy efficiency at work and home.

This fully funded initiative offers complimentary energy advice, particularly benefiting employees in the manufacturing, production, and retail sectors, where access to community advice can be hampered by unconventional work hours or limited technological and resource availability.

Designed to align with individual business operations and employee schedules, the service minimizes disruption by incorporating “drop-in” workshops, consultations, and pop-up services within communal areas during regular working hours.

The programme provides insights on how to reduce energy use and waste, includes information on energy-efficient practices such as insulation and air source heat pumps, and facilitates one-to-one sessions to determine funding eligibility, EPCs, and address any questions employees might have about making their residences more energy-efficient.

“This unique service from RES empowers employers to provide tangible guidance and support to employees to drive forward their commitment to sustainability,” declared Sarah Parry, Managing Director of Residential Energy Services.

Since 2014, RES has played a pivotal role in promoting energy subsidy awareness and providing advisory services to over 20,000 households across the UK, with a focus on educating homeowners about energy-saving


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