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Interview with Matthew O’Sullivan, CEO of Subsidence Ltd.

London Business Press (LBP): Matthew, to start, could you explain the significance of subsidence repair in London?

Matthew O’Sullivan (MO): Certainly, and thank you for having me. London, with its rich clay soil, is particularly susceptible to subsidence. This geological aspect, combined with the city’s dense infrastructure and historical buildings, makes it imperative to address subsidence issues promptly and effectively. At Subsidence Ltd, we aim to provide a service that is both effective and minimally invasive to homeowners and businesses experiencing subsidence.

LBP: What are some of the typical signs of subsidence that Londoners should be aware of?

MO: Homeowners should look out for cracks in their walls, especially those that are diagonal and wider at the top than at the bottom, doors and windows that no longer close correctly, and uneven floors. These are all indicators that could suggest a property is experiencing subsidence. It’s essential to address these issues early on to avoid more severe damage and to maintain the property’s value.

LBP: Can you tell us more about what can be done to address these issues?

MO: We use a specialised resin injection technique that is designed to be quick and clean, avoiding the need for extensive underpinning. This method stabilises the foundation by filling voids and cracks in the soil beneath the property but also lifts and re-levels the structure where necessary. The process is typically completed within a day, causing minimal disruption to the property owner.

LBP: With London’s complex cityscape, how do you approach projects that are in particularly challenging environments?

MO: Our team is equipped to handle the intricacies of London’s diverse landscape. We conduct thorough assessments to ensure that our interventions are precisely tailored to each property’s unique needs. This might involve working in tight urban spaces, managing projects on historic properties, or navigating around the city’s extensive underground infrastructure.

LBP: Is your subsidence repair service environmentally friendly?

MO: Sustainability is at the forefront of our processes. Resin injection is less resource-intensive than traditional methods such as underpinning. Additionally, we focus on providing lasting solutions to prevent repetitive interventions, reducing long-term environmental impact.


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