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KYND Introduces Novel In-House Security Proficiency to Turbocharge Cybersecurity Risk Governance for Enterprises

Pioneering the realm of cyber risk management, KYND Limited is thrilled to introduce the innovative Internal Security functionality within its widely embraced KYND ON cyber risk monitoring solution, trusted by organizations on a global scale. This formidable addition offers a comprehensive view not only from an external standpoint but also delves deep into an organization’s internal security posture, enhancing the capacity to pinpoint potential areas of vulnerability and risk, thereby facilitating a more strategic approach to bolstering cyber resilience.

With the corporate landscape witnessing a surge in the frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks, the need for businesses to attain crystal-clear visibility into their exposure, both internal and external, has never been more paramount. As a pivotal part of its mission to demystify and streamline the management of cyber risks, KYND ON now leverages the cutting-edge Internal Security feature. It provides an unparalleled insight into an organization’s internal security stance without subjecting them to time-consuming assessments. By simply responding to straightforward queries pertaining to their security procedures and policies within the KYND ON interface, organizations swiftly integrate internal vulnerability insights into their holistic risk evaluations, along with meticulously prioritized and lucid recommendations for remediation.

In addition to offering this invaluable resource to KYND ON clientele, these immediate and exhaustive exposure insights can also be harnessed by portfolio managers. This equips them with the capability to effortlessly spot high-risk entities within their portfolio, allocate resources judiciously, and consolidate all this critical information conveniently within the ON platform, thereby streamlining communication among all stakeholders.

Andy Thomas, the CEO of KYND, elucidated, “At KYND, we’ve always believed that cyber risk is not solely an IT problem, but rather a business risk that necessitates a holistic, proactive approach spanning all levels of an organisation. This is precisely why KYND elevates cyber risk intelligence to a whole new level by empowering both portfolio managers and businesses to assess the complete spectrum of cyber risk. By combining its powerful external scanning data and deeper insights into internal security controls within an organisation, KYND enables our partners and their clients to unlock faster threat identification, prioritisation and remediation, and drive confident, well-informed decisions about cyber risk.” 


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