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Manleys Celebrates Victory in FA Appeal

Chester-based media, sports, and litigation practice, Manleys, has achieved yet another triumph by winning an appeal on behalf of a young footballer who faced sanctions following an initial FA disciplinary hearing. The player (whose identity remains confidential for legal reasons) was charged with making a racist comment during a league match last season.

Manleys submitted grounds of appeal, asserting two key points. Firstly, they argued that the original decision was “Wednesbury unreasonable,” meaning that no other tribunal would have arrived at the same decision based on the facts and evidence presented. Secondly, they contended that the player did not receive a fair hearing.

Representing the player during the appeal hearing, Mark Manley, Managing Director of Manleys, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome. He stated, “The player and his family are naturally very pleased that the appeal succeeded, and the sanction entirely lifted. The player accordingly considers himself exonerated.”

The disciplinary charge carried significant implications for the player’s reputation, making the appeal a crucial matter. Successfully overturning the initial decision meant sparing the player from lasting reputational consequences.

Mark Manley acknowledged the complexities of such cases, given the need to navigate the appropriate regulations in the FA Handbook. He also highlighted that prior to the appeal hearing, the imposed sanction prevented the player from participating in an important Final. Fortunately, the appeal’s success allowed the player to participate in the match, which his team ultimately won, bringing triumph both on and off the pitch.

Manleys has established itself as a reputable representative for sports professionals across various disciplines, handling privacy, reputation management, contractual matters, and dispute resolution cases. The firm’s expertise extends to previous achievements before FIFA Arbitration panels and FA Rule K cases.

With this recent victory in the FA appeal, Manleys reinforces its commitment to protecting the interests of sportsmen and women, ensuring that they receive fair treatment and representation in all aspects of their careers.


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