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New consignment service for Essex-based Luxe Watches

A luxury watch retailer that moved its premises to Epping almost 24 months ago is passing the buck on high street retailers closing and is instead enjoying an upturn in sales.

Luxe Watches was previously based at Buckhurst Hill but when it needed more space to cater for the growing business, it took the sales aspect to Epping’s High Street – and because it has made profit gains of 40% it is now passing some good fortune back to its clients with a new offering. 

The business’ new consignment service will see more money put back in people’s pockets when they look to sell an expensive timepiece.

“Anyone who wants to sell a luxury watch such as a Rolex Daytona or Patek Philippe Nautilus should get in touch if they want to make a good return on their investment,” says Luxe Watches’ managing director, Nick Hickey.

“If their watch is just gathering dust in a drawer somewhere or perhaps they want to narrow down their collection, they should try using our new consignment service. They’ll receive more money than if they use a direct seller. There’s no bartering, back and forward haggling and no enquiries to answer from a client’s point of view. 

“The seller owns the watch throughout the process but it’s insured the entire time it’s with us. We take all the hassle and stress out of the process.”

Selling such an expensive watch can be daunting and with so many options to advertise it, people may struggle to work out where it would make the most cash. Using  third party websites such as marketplace or eBay can also attract scammers.

With Luxe Watches’ new consignment service, the consignor (the person tasked to sell the watch) must find the best price for the watch and take commission off the sale. This is the price that the watch owner wants for it after commission.

Using a consignment service means you have a much wider network to sell your watch with a broader range of interested parties in niche networks.

“The best thing about this service is the fair price we can offer to our clients. We always aim to achieve the most competitive price based on market trends. You wouldn’t necessarily be able to do this selling yourself. You can also take advantage of being guided through the process by a professional who will achieve a higher sale over you selling directly.”

Mr Hickey said: “Luxe Watches aims to sell each watch it receives as consigned in fewer than 30 days.

“Clients know they can visit our high street boutique to ensure the best secure service possible and we have an unrivalled sales team with networks here in the UK and further afield to ensure we get the best price for any consignment clients.”


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