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New Study Links Childhood Pets to Adult Career Success, According to Jollyes

Jollyes has conducted a groundbreaking survey that highlights the impact of having a childhood pet on an individual’s career success in adulthood.

This study reveals that nearly 80% of the UK’s top earners attribute their professional achievements to the influence of their childhood pets. The survey by Jollyes uncovered several critical findings:

  • A notable 86% of top earners in the UK feel that their childhood pet was instrumental in developing a deeper appreciation for life.
  • Approximately 78% of the UK’s most successful individuals agree that their childhood pet helped them develop career-aiding traits such as adaptability.
  • Over 75% of Senior Managers and 70% of Directors believe their ability to engage in conversation is partly due to having a pet during their childhood.
  • 73% of top earners concurred that pets in childhood strengthened their family bonds.
  • 84% of senior professionals and 75% of Directors reported that experiences with childhood pets taught them resilience, helping them overcome career setbacks and challenges.
  • 68% of high earners in the UK acknowledge that their childhood pet had a direct positive impact on their work approach.

The results of this study offer a fresh understanding of how pets in childhood can contribute to future success, reinforcing the idea that ‘Dogs are for life, not just for Christmas.’


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