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NorgesGruppen Enhances MENY’s Operations with Manhattan Active WM

Manhattan Associates Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) is delighted to announce its partnership with NorgesGruppen, Norway’s premier grocery retailer. NorgesGruppen has selected Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management (Manhattan Active WM) to bolster delivery services for MENY, its prestigious supermarket brand.

NorgesGruppen’s portfolio includes prominent Norwegian brands such as Kiwi, Meny, Spar, and Joker, spanning from discount stores to premium supermarkets. Its impressive reach includes 1,800 grocery stores and 900 convenience goods stores, alongside its wholesale division ASKO, which distributes over 25,000 products to 14,000 clients from 13 warehouses, catering to 88 percent of Norway’s population.

Per Ola Drøpping, CEO of NorgesGruppen Data, shared, “As the online segment continued to grow, it became clear we needed to analyse our supply chain and warehouse capabilities to keep up with our customers’ expectations, both online and in-store. With such an expansive network of stores, and an increasingly active online customer base, meeting our customer’s often exacting expectations is a full-time challenge.”

Vegard Kjuus, CEO of MENY, said, “As a specific response to expected e-commerce demands, we now fulfill online orders from 50 stores and are in the process of building a new e-commerce fulfilment center, that will improve customer service across the capital, Oslo. We have the greatest selection of food products in Norway delivered to our customer’s homes, and with the new facility, we will have an even greater selection, including high quality fresh produce, bakery, prepared food and hand-cut meat, fish and cheese.”

Kjuus continued, “The warehouse management solution from Manhattan is strong, and we have high expectations that it will help us meet customer’s future requirements within e-commerce.”

Drøpping further noted, “Being a cloud-native application, Manhattan Active Warehouse Management is aligned with the NorgesGruppen technology strategy of agility, and innovation. We have high confidence in the functional capability of Manhattan Active WM and more broadly speaking, the Manhattan Active platform’s capacity to support Meny and NorgesGruppen.”

Craig Summers, Managing Director for UK, Ireland, and Nordics, added, “The geographical challenges and sophisticated buying patterns of Norwegians make fulfilling the MENY brand promise a challenge. In Manhattan Active WM, Per, Vegard and their teams have a solution where innovation, agility and flexibility are built into its very DNA, making NorgesGruppen well placed to meet the needs of its customers not just today, but well into the future too.”


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