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Plates4Business Hub: A New Venture by Plates4Less for Custom Number Plates

In response to the rising business-to-business demand, Plates4Less unveiled its new Plates4Business Hub in 2022-2023, marking a significant uptick in companies investing in custom number plates. This online resource offers guides with practical tips and advice, alongside a specialised section for connecting clients with business expert advisors. UK businesses are increasingly turning to private plates for reasons such as concealing the age of their vehicles, managing fleets more effectively, and enhancing their marketing strategies.

Plates4Less, a prominent supplier of custom number plates in the UK, has introduced a dedicated Business Hub on their website. Designed to aid business owners and decision-makers in selecting and purchasing personalised number plates, this launch aligns with a noticeable doubling in business client purchases.

Available at www.plates4less.co.uk/4business, the Business Hub provides insightful search and investment tips, ownership guidance, and a contact form for business clients seeking specialist advice.

Private Number Plates, part of VRM Swansea, traditionally appeal to car enthusiasts as luxury items. However, UK businesses are increasingly recognizing their value for investment, cost savings, and marketing.

Plates4Less experts have shared insights into the growing trend of UK businesses investing in private number plates. Antony Clark from Plates4Less remarked, “Over the last year we have noticed that our business client base has more than doubled. Replacing number plates on an ageing fleet has always been a cost-effective way of maintaining brand image, but recently, our most notable sales have increasingly been through businesses.”

Clark elaborated on the reasons behind this trend:

  • Vehicle branding and recognition: “Marketeers seek new opportunities. A number plate can double as advertising space, offering a funny, distinctive, and memorable aspect.”
  • Generating online content: “For brands building an online presence, an eye-catching plate can provide engaging content, like humorous plates for plumbers and catchy ones for dog walkers.”
  • Fleet vehicle management: “Distinct number plates help differentiate between identical vehicles.”
  • Maintenance-free investment: “Compared to other investments, well-chosen plates are low-cost, low-effort, and relatively liquid.”
  • Age disguise for vehicles: “We offer Cover Plates, typically low-priced and sequential, to hide a vehicle’s age.”

Since 1997, VRM Swansea has provided exceptional service for clients seeking private number plates. The new Plates4Business Hub represents a strategic move to further assist companies with their needs, with plans for future enhancements.

Antony added, “Client feedback is central to our operations, and the Plates4Business Hub is no different. We’re committed to adding new features and options for our business customers.”

Clients engaging with Plates4Less Business Solutions gain access to:

  • A dedicated account manager for optimal number plate selection.
  • A complimentary valuation service for existing plates, with a free selling option via VRM Swansea.
  • A swift and secure transfer service, with documents directly delivered to DVLA HQ in Swansea.

VRM Swansea – Plates4Less, a leading agency in the UK for private number plate transactions, boasts over 67 million registrations and an advanced smart search engine. Operating since 1997, the company enjoys a stellar reputation on Trustpilot.

Despite its name, Plates4Less holds the UK record for the highest-priced private sale, exceeding £600,000 in 2022.


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