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Renowned UK Business Mentor Hailed as the Living Wendy Rhoades from Acclaimed American TV Series Billions

Amidst the echelons of politicians, CEOs, hedge fund tycoons, and even Premier League football stars, an esteemed business mentor, psychologist, and psychotherapist from London has garnered comparisons to the real-life embodiment of Wendy Rhoades, the celebrated coaching guru depicted in the award-winning US television drama, Billions.

Dannielle Haig, the accomplished business psychologist and coach, renowned for delivering tailor-made leadership development programs, has been likened to the fictional luminary, credited with transforming the performances of top traders and business magnates in the captivating series.

In the wake of lockdown, Dannielle’s enterprise, DH Consulting Ltd, has experienced exponential growth, now boasting consultants situated in Singapore, Japan, India, and Dubai. A momentous milestone was reached when she recently welcomed her 26th business partner in the United States.

Based in London, Dannielle, along with her global team, caters to some of the world’s most prominent and influential business executives and political leaders. Their expertise encompasses comprehensive support in various facets of business leadership, performance psychology, and training.

With the company’s expanding roster at DH Consulting Ltd and the business’s undeniable prosperity, Dannielle is on the verge of offering an even more extensive array of leadership development programs and coaching services. An eagerly anticipated business website relaunch is scheduled for September.

She expressed, “I have the privilege of collaborating with exceptionally high-profile individuals, and it’s truly remarkable how many of them liken me to ‘their Wendy’ from the TV show Billions. To some extent, I must admit the comparison holds merit and helps them grasp the value I bring to their businesses.”

“Since the onset of lockdown, DH Consulting Ltd has undergone an astonishing metamorphosis. I consider myself fortunate to have assembled a team of trusted experts in our field, working alongside me to offer unparalleled business psychology and coaching support on a global scale. With this remarkable expansion, we have decided to relaunch the company post-summer to showcase the collective brilliance of our team.”

Dannielle’s enterprise doesn’t merely include business coaches and psychologists; it also houses neuroscientists, behavior specialists, nutrition experts, personal trainers, and work-life balance connoisseurs. This multifaceted approach allows her to provide an all-encompassing, 360-degree service, leaving no stone unturned.

She elaborated, “To enable my clients to achieve their utmost potential, they must excel in every aspect of their lives – be it at home, maintaining good health, nurturing their mental well-being, or excelling in their professional endeavors. It became evident that offering a comprehensive service was the logical choice.”


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