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Unveiling of Reghunters: an Innovative E-commerce Venture Specialising in Exclusive Vehicle Registration Plates in the North West Region

A groundbreaking digital enterprise dedicated to the sale of exclusive vehicle registration plates has recently been launched in the North West. Situated in Blackpool, Lancashire, Reghunters.co.uk prides itself on hosting the largest repository of private number plates, with an impressive collection of over 63 million plates available for purchase.

Positioning itself as the most cost-effective number plate retailer in the UK, Reghunters.co.uk offers a diverse range of plates starting as low as £25, excluding VAT, accompanied by a DVLA transfer fee of £80.

The company’s user-friendly website provides customers with an intuitive platform to search for their desired number plate combinations, accompanied by transparent pricing devoid of any concealed charges.

Jon Kirkbright, an industry veteran with over 11 years of experience, spearheaded the launch of Reghunters. Throughout his career, Kirkbright has observed that customers acquire personalised number plates for various reasons, including gifting purposes and as replacements for original plates due to cloning incidents.

Kirkbright emphasised, “There is a fundamental rule when purchasing a private number plate: it cannot falsely depict the age of your vehicle.”

He further elaborated, “Some of the registrations we advertise are timeless, suitable for any vehicle regardless of its age. If you require guidance or have any uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact us for expert advice, free of charge.”

In addition to their extensive range of number plates, Reghunters offers customers a complimentary valuation service for those who already own private number plates. Kirkbright encouraged individuals to explore the current worth of their plates, as their initial investment could potentially double within a mere three years.

Kirkbright expressed, “I always maintain that private number plates should ideally double in value every three to five years. Investing in a private plate is a remarkably sound financial decision, considering their propensity to appreciate over time.”

The free valuation service has gained immense popularity among Reghunters’ clientele, with an average of 250 valuation requests received daily.

Jon added, “We process approximately 250 valuation requests per day, meticulously reviewing each one and offering customers a purchase price as well as a retail price expectation.”

Moreover, Reghunters provides a seamless registration transfer service, streamlining the process for customers. By simply furnishing a single document, individuals can effortlessly switch their plates onto their vehicles.

Jon elucidated, “At RegHunter, our proficient team takes care of all the registration transfer paperwork with the DVLA. You need only send us your V5 document to initiate the transfer of the private number plate onto your chosen vehicle, typically completed within a week.”

As Reghunters progresses, it aims to expand its team and potentially generate employment opportunities in the Blackpool region. Kirkbright seeks to hire a staff member with sales and administrative experience, preferably within the automotive industry.

For further information, please visit Reghunters.co.uk or explore their Facebook page.


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