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Zero Focus: Charting New Creative Territories in the UK

Zero Focus, under the stewardship of Chris Thorne, is making waves in the UK creative industry with its distinct vision and innovative approach.

Since its launch in 2019, Zero Focus has embarked on a journey characterised by steadfastness, self-improvement, and artistic distinction. Navigating through early hurdles and a complex past, Chris has led the agency to a future filled with potential.

The philosophy of Zero Focus is predicated on the idea that true insight can emerge from a focus on the void, an approach influenced by Lens media and Chris’s own creative signature. By rejecting traditional norms and embracing the avant-garde, Zero Focus aspires to establish itself as a forerunner in the competitive creative landscape.

The narrative of Chris moving from doubt to certainty reflects the essence of Zero Focus. Overcoming personal barriers, Chris attained the status of a CAA registered Drone Pilot, thereby enhancing the agency’s creative dimensions. With a BA Hons in Photography and a fervour for capturing street model photography, portraits, and events, Chris contributes a rich blend of experience and a distinctive artistic touch to Zero Focus, drawing inspiration from the raw, unfiltered style akin to Peter Lindbergh’s photography.

Chris elucidates, “Zero Focus represents not just a business, but a journey of self-discovery and creative exploration. Our aim is to challenge conventions, capture fleeting moments, and redefine artistic expression in all its forms.”

Zero Focus stands out for its dedication to originality and innovation in an industry prone to standardisation. Engaging with local sports teams, musical groups, and video production companies, and specialising in street model photography and innovative portraiture, Zero Focus is committed to expanding the boundaries of creative expression.

For more information about Zero Focus and its services, please visit zero-focus.jimdosite.com or contact [email protected].


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