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Dryklad: Transforming UK Construction with Advanced Rainscreen Cladding System

Dryklad is redefining the UK construction landscape with its innovative rainscreen cladding support system. Created by In-Opera Facades Ltd., Dryklad is a revolutionary solution for architects, engineers, and construction professionals, offering a more efficient, cost-effective, and thermally enhanced alternative to traditional cladding systems.

Revolutionising Modern Construction Practices

Dryklad presents a novel approach with its extruded aluminium brackets and A2 rated thermal isolator pads made of aerogel. This breakthrough technology considerably reduces the reliance on insulation in building walls, offering potential savings of up to 27% on project costs when compared to conventional support systems. The system’s lightweight yet sturdy design decreases the need for additional supports, thus lowering material consumption and total project costs.

A Perspective from the Founder

Stephen Hull, the visionary behind Dryklad, comments: “Our innovative Dryklad Support system, meticulously developed and now available in the market, is a testament to our dedication to performance and value. Our commitment to excellence, underpinned by a strategic response to the Building Safety Act, reflects our team’s extensive experience in the cladding industry. We understand the importance of meeting regulatory standards while delivering the best value for all stakeholders. We’re delighted to launch the first website for this brand, offering rich product information and an easy route for our customers to connect with our specialists, enhancing safety, performance, and overall value in architectural projects.”

Designed for Construction Industry Professionals

Dryklad is specifically engineered for professionals in the UK construction industry, including architects, building consultants, façade experts, and sustainability consultants. It addresses the distinct needs for specifying rainscreen cladding in large-scale construction projects.

Introducing a New Website with AI-Powered Assistant

The new Dryklad website is a detailed source of product information, specifications, and imagery. Featuring an AI-powered assistant, it provides an enhanced user experience and support. This digital launch is a significant step for Dryklad and its sole distributor, In-Opera Facades Ltd.

Special Launch Offer: Emphasising Customer Value

In celebration of the website launch, Dryklad is offering a 10% discount on first orders, subject to terms and conditions, reaffirming its commitment to exceptional value and service.

Core Principles of Dryklad

Dryklad operates on the core principles of excellence, growth, innovation, accountability, and responsibility, which are integral to its operations and product development strategy.


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