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“Maintenance is Key,” Insists Chris Boyd from NSWUK for Alarm and CCTV System Efficiency

At NSWUK, a leading provider of cutting-edge CCTV, alarm systems, and innovative security solutions in the UK, the focus is on the crucial role of maintenance for advanced security setups. Recent findings suggest that alarm systems that lack regular updates are behind more than 30% of maintenance callouts.

Technological innovations have significantly simplified the operation and surveillance of alarm systems, which is essential for the protection of community spaces. Chris Boyd of NSWUK highlights the critical need for regular servicing, stating, “The new technology we have in security industries today are incredible, you can now keep an eye on your home, garage or any building in real time at all times, but this means that the new systems in place will need some extra care.”

Maintaining security installations, such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, and intrusion alarms, is vital. The breakdown of these systems can pose serious risks to the safety of individuals and property, leading to potentially grave consequences.

The shift from traditional analogue CCTV and basic alarms to more sophisticated and advanced systems represents a significant advancement in the field of property security. The industry is moving towards more complex systems that use the internet to detect and avert potential threats autonomously.

“Working with more recent, sophisticated systems has been so rewarding. There are countless advantages to choosing these more advanced systems. In addition to safety, this will make assisting the local authorities much simpler and faster,” Chris Boyd reflects on the evolution.

Preventative maintenance consists of periodic inspections by experienced technicians of the security systems in place, whether they are under direct management or professional supervision, with the possibility of scheduling visits up to four times a year based on the complexity of the system and client requirements. Maintenance contracts are essential for ensuring the regular upkeep of all components and for the swift deployment of qualified engineers in the event of any service issues.

“Our maintenance service packages receive the same level of attention and care as our installations,” adds Chris Boyd.

NSWUK is committed to offering tailor-made solutions that ensure superior quality in installation and maintenance. For more information on their personalised service packages, visit here.


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