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Boosting Visa Approval Odds: INTO’s PASS Programme for US-Bound Students

INTO University Partnerships is stepping up to facilitate the US visa application process for international students through its innovative Pre-Arrival Success Services (PASS) programme, targeting particularly those regions where visa acquisition is a notable challenge.

The PASS programme by INTO University Partnerships is specifically crafted to provide in-depth visa assistance and advice to international students aspiring to further their education in the US. This complimentary offering has proved instrumental for over 2000 students from a diverse array of nations including India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Turkey, Kenya, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Kazakhstan, aiding them in securing their F-1 visas.

The programme distinguishes itself by offering a detailed, interactive simulation of the interview process, conducted by a team of adept advisors, thus going beyond the standard visa guidance. It incorporates tailored mock interview sessions, interactive workshops, and comprehensive webinars that cover the visa application process in depth.

Jacquie Serr, Vice President of Enrolment at INTO University Partnerships, underscored the importance of tailored support: “When it comes to a students’ enrolment journey, it is vital that we meet them where they are, offering support and services in areas of high stress. The US visa process and how decisions are made on an F-1 visa can be confusing for students and their families to navigate. What makes PASS different is that we take the time to work individually with students – each student, their goals and background are unique, and so is each 1:1 session our advisors have with students. Human interaction is important here, not just for visa success but for student success.”

Laura Nye, Manager of the PASS Programme, shed light on the initiative’s primary focus: “The US international student visa application and interview is a complicated and challenging process for many students. Our primary goal with the PASS program is to build students’ confidence throughout the visa process as they prepare to embark on their academic journey in the US.”

Initiated in 2020 to support students from regions with traditionally low US visa approval rates, the PASS programme has rapidly developed into an essential support mechanism, significantly increasing the likelihood of visa approval for participants.

The programme’s webinars delve into a wide range of topics, from the nuances of the F1 visa application process to a detailed review of documents, followed by an opportunity for students to engage in a Q&A session.

Elaborating on the programme’s comprehensive nature, Laura Nye added: “Our program is designed to cover every aspect of the US visa process for students. We provide students with comprehensive information and the opportunity to address any concerns or questions they may have. We also facilitate connections with student experience teams at our partner universities and provide insights into campus resources. This ensures a smooth transition into university life, where students can leverage the available support.”

The PASS programme includes personalised mock interview sessions with INTO University Partnerships’ visa experts, preparing students for their visa interviews by enhancing their confidence and ability to clearly communicate their academic aspirations.

Student testimonials, such as those from Emmanuel from Nigeria, Muhammed from Pakistan, and Pablo from Colombia, highlight the programme’s effectiveness in improving interview preparedness and overall confidence, contributing to successful visa outcomes.

The positive impact of the programme is also acknowledged by INTO’s partner universities in the US, which have seen an increase in campus diversity thanks to the enrolment of talented international students.

Representatives from The University of Alabama and INTO Hofstra University, Vince Milam and Oscar Del Rio respectively, praised the PASS programme for its pivotal role in enhancing student confidence and interview success.

Since its establishment in 2005, INTO University Partnerships has facilitated the educational ambitions of over 150,000 students from 180 countries, partnering with leading universities in the US, UK, and Australia.


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