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DaCapo Primary Music Unveils DaCapo Online, Revolutionising Music Education in Primary Schools

DaCapo Primary Music has launched an innovative new tool, DaCapo Online, designed to redefine music education in primary schools and empower every teacher to be a music educator.

This latest initiative from DaCapo Primary Music combines three decades of expertise in music education with cutting-edge interactive technology, delivering an exceptional educational experience for both teachers and students.

Historically, incorporating music education into the primary school curriculum has posed significant challenges for educators. With DaCapo Online, these challenges are addressed by providing a platform that is easy for teachers to use alongside their students. The system offers a straightforward, click-and-go solution that respects teachers’ varying levels of musical confidence while promoting ongoing development.

The online curriculum is crafted to enable teachers with minimal musical background to effectively and effortlessly teach music to their classes.

DaCapo is celebrating this launch with an exclusive demonstration event set for Thursday, May 23rd, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at Wren Academy in London, postcode N12 9HB.

The event will showcase the capabilities of DaCapo Online, and attendees will enjoy refreshments and live musical performances by GUS McQUADE on Guitar and ELEANOR GRANT on Voice and Double Bass. GUS McQUADE, who is also featured in DaCapo Online and is a member of the renowned Fantasia Orchestra, will provide a memorable performance.

There is parking available at the venue, and details on public transportation options can be found on the DaCapo website.

Those interested in attending should RSVP with their guest names to Michelle at [email protected].

For more details about DaCapo Primary Music and DaCapo Online, please visit www.dacapoprimarymusic.co.uk and www.dacapoonline.co.uk, or call 07595 367194.


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