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Direct Co Group and School Uniform Direct Create World’s First Unisex School Blazer

The Direct Co Group / School Uniform Direct takes immense pride in introducing the world’s first Unisex School Blazer, a groundbreaking leap towards sustainable school uniforms. This remarkable innovation not only signifies a significant milestone in the fashion and schoolwear industry but also addresses the pressing need for sustainability. Launched earlier this summer, perfectly timed for this year’s back-to-school season, this innovation is poised to revolutionise the approach to school attire, with more than 70 schools already opting for this pioneering solution.

The feedback from schools, parents, and students has been overwhelmingly positive, with commendations on the outstanding balance of cost, convenience, and fit.

This pioneering initiative is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to nurturing a more sustainable future. The Unisex School Blazer is meticulously crafted using recycled polyester, sourced from plastic bottles, marking a substantial stride in reducing the environmental footprint of school uniforms.

Benefits of the Unisex School Blazer:

Sustainability at the Core: By utilising recycled polyester from plastic bottles, the Unisex School Blazer exemplifies our dedication to environmental responsibility. This environmentally conscious choice significantly diminishes the demand for new resources and contributes to the fight against plastic waste. Furthermore, the company has entered into a partnership with Ecologi and is delighted to announce that from the 1st of November 2023, a new mangrove tree, one of the most effective trees for combatting carbon dioxide pollution, will be planted for every blazer purchased.

Financial Advantages: The Unisex School Blazer is not only environmentally friendly but also economically prudent. Its versatile design enables it to be passed on as pre-loved clothing, aligning perfectly with government guidance on second-hand uniforms. Families can save money, and children can enjoy quality clothing at a fraction of the cost, with the added benefit of it being easily passed on to any gender.

Furthermore, the durability of the recycled polyester fabric ensures that these blazers can withstand the rigours of daily school life. This longevity minimises the need for frequent replacements, further reducing costs and reinforcing the financial advantages of this sustainable choice.

Reduced Landfill Waste: By enabling the repurposing and passing on of the Unisex School Blazer, we contribute to a reduction in textile waste that would otherwise find its way into landfills. This move is in line with global efforts to minimise waste and environmental impact.

In addition to the Unisex School Blazer, The Direct Co Group / School Uniform Direct proudly introduced Unisex School Shirts in 2022. Both of these garments have undergone meticulous research and development, with a focus on fits and styles that meet the highest standards of comfort and durability. This ensures that students not only appear smart but also feel comfortable and confident throughout their school day.

As schools around the world grapple with the challenges of sustainability and environmental responsibility, The Direct Co Group / School Uniform Direct remains unwavering in its mission to offer innovative and eco-friendly solutions. The Unisex School Blazer and Unisex School Shirts stand as a testament to the company’s commitment to a brighter, more sustainable future for students and the planet.


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