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GCS Cabins to Deliver Third Bespoke Modular Building to New Rush Hall School

Ilford’s New Rush Hall School is gearing up for the installation of its third modular building from GCS Cabins, featuring a cutting-edge gym and music suite, scheduled for May. This development is in line with the school’s proactive approach to enhancing the educational experience for students with social, emotional, and mental health (SEMH) issues.

Dedicated to pupils aged 5 to 16 with SEMH challenges, New Rush Hall School strives to offer a customised and empowering educational pathway for its 80 students, recognising the importance of an optimal learning environment.

Mr. Walters, Executive Headteacher, commended the ongoing partnership with GCS Cabins: “We have used GCS Cabins for two modular buildings and are in the process of commissioning a third. We needed additional space to provide therapy rooms and break-out spaces for our pupils in order to enhance their wellbeing. The spaces created by GCS Cabins have enabled us to do that.”

The school’s relationship with GCS Cabins has led to the creation of adaptable and custom-designed modular classrooms that cater to the diverse needs of its students.

The new addition, a Creative and Fitness Hub, is set to offer a broad range of facilities, including a gym and a music studio, designed to enrich the school’s extracurricular offerings.

Mr. Walters discussed the project’s goals: “The third modular building, which is currently in progress, will provide us with a Creative and Fitness Hub, which will incorporate a gym, boxing facilities and a recording studio. This latest hub will provide additional opportunities for our pupils to access facilities that they would not normally have. These spaces will encourage creativity, develop talents, and have a positive impact on our pupils’ fitness and mental health, which will be of huge benefit.”

The addition of a modular gym and music suite is designed to encourage more students to participate in extracurricular activities. A study by Public Health England found that participation in extracurricular activities has a positive effect on student attainment. Physical activity has also been linked to improved classroom behaviour across the whole school. 

GCS Cabins’ modular classrooms present a versatile solution, allowing schools to customise spaces to meet the specific needs of their students and staff.

Mr. Walter expressed gratitude towards GCS Cabins for their contribution: “GCS Cabins have been involved with the design and production from the start of this Hub and the previous hubs. Their expertise and knowledge has been of great value and has helped us to design spaces that are fit for purpose. They have been flexible and supportive and enabled us to fulfill our vision. Their communication is excellent, and they have gone above and beyond in terms of trying to meet our needs whilst remaining hugely competitive and cost-effective.”

The completion of the project in May, inclusive of all groundwork and service connections, demonstrates GCS Cabins’ efficiency in delivering customised learning environments promptly.


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