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Initiative Calls for Greater Inclusion of Male Teachers to Enhance Diversity in Education

MCTJ (Male Childcare & Teaching Jobs), a groundbreaking platform connecting male educators with inclusive schools and nurseries, is urging education policymakers to prioritize gender diversity in classrooms.

MCTJ is dedicated to promoting diversity in our education system, creating an inclusive environment that nurtures the holistic development of children,” says Claudio Sisera, Head of Diversity at MCTJ.

Research highlights the underrepresentation of male teachers in early childhood, primary, and secondary education. Despite offering unique perspectives and innovative engagement methods, the contributions of male teachers often go unnoticed.

MCTJ aims to bridge the gap between male educators and inclusive educational settings, raising awareness about the need for policy-level changes. These changes include adopting gender-neutral hiring processes, providing inclusive teacher training, and launching campaigns to challenge gender stereotypes within the teaching profession.

Claudio Sisera urges policymakers to embrace a more gender-inclusive approach in education strategies, stating, “Our platform is just the beginning. We need systemic changes to make teaching an attractive and viable career for men.”

“Having positive male role models in education is crucial to inspire more young men to join the profession,” say Julie Robinson and Mandy Worsley, hosts of the Lancashire Bee Mindful Awards.

MCTJ remains committed to driving significant changes in the education sector. Their mission extends beyond connecting male educators with inclusive employers. They aim to reshape societal perceptions, dismantling barriers that have historically discouraged men from pursuing teaching. By promoting gender-inclusive learning environments, MCTJ seeks to enhance classroom dynamics, provide diverse role models for young learners, and create a true reflection of our diverse society. This approach not only enriches the educational experience for all children but also paves the way for a future where educators of all genders are equally recognized and valued.


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