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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Vanquish Academy Launches 21-Day Close Protection Training with Specialised Grants for Women

As part of its global expansion, Vanquish Academy proudly announces the launch of its 21 Day Close Protection Training Course. This course is specifically crafted to meet the global demands of close protection roles and signifies the academy’s commitment to inclusivity and excellence in security training, particularly as it moves into the Middle East and other regions.

In an unprecedented move, Vanquish Academy is offering eight half-price grants solely for female candidates, affirming its commitment to supporting women in the close protection field. All interested applicants must pass through the academy’s rigorous selection process, ensuring the highest level of training and professionalism.

“Our goal is to empower more women to enter and excel in the security industry, which has traditionally been male-dominated,” stated Michael Chandler, Chief Operating Officer and course founder at The Vanquish Group (owners of Vanquish Training Academy).

“By offering these grants, we hope to not only open doors for aspiring female close protection officers but also to enrich the field with diverse perspectives and skills.”

Applications for the 21 Day Close Protection Training Course are currently open, with the first course scheduled to start in May 2024. For more information and to apply, visit VanquishAcademy.com/close-protection-training.


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