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FXIFY™ Grows Over 15,400 Trees in Tanzania to Aid Local Communities for Earth Day

In a bid towards environmental sustainability, the newly turned 1-year-old prop firm FXIFY™ partnered with WeForest, an international non-profit organisation. Their collaboration concentrated on reforestation efforts in Tanzania’s Butiama Hills, leading to the growth of over 15,400 trees in the region. This effort reflects the firm’s commitment to positively impacting the environment and supporting local communities.

Bobby Winters, Co-founder of FXIFY, remarked: “Through our partnership with WeForest, we’re not just investing in the planet’s future but also in the communities that depend on these forests. This initiative is a testament to the power of our trading community coming together for a greater cause.”

FXIFY provides trading capital of up to $400,000 with up to a 90% performance split, and instant payouts on demand. The firm also offers the most popular trading platforms and customised account features to its clients. This was recognised by International Business Magazine as the Best Tailored Trading Account Provider in the UK and the Leading Prop Trading Firm in 2023.

Capitalising on its leadership in the prop trading industry, FXIFY launched an Earth Day campaign where each funded trading challenge purchased during the campaign period contributed to the growth of a new tree in Butiama Hills, Tanzania, an area impacted by deforestation. With the support of over 5,000 traders, FXIFY was able to grow over 15,400 trees, exceeding its initial target of 10,000 trees for the region with WeForest. The initiative will capture about 1,330 tonnes of CO2 and support 90 families with sustainable job opportunities like beekeeping, thereby enhancing local economies.

Bobby Winters added: “Seeing our initiative materialise from growing over 15,400 trees was truly gratifying. This accomplishment highlights our unwavering commitment to creating a positive environmental footprint and bolstering the communities in Tanzania. The impact of our efforts extends beyond the mere act of growing trees; it signifies a sustainable investment in the well-being of both the environment and the local populace.”


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