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Salon Verve Debuts Chelsea Girl Gold Label by Verve Couture – Bespoke Jeans for the Stylish Woman

Salon Verve, a bastion of luxury fashion and accessories, is excited to announce the launch of the exclusive Chelsea Girl Gold Label by Verve Couture, only available at Salon Verve. Tailored to perfection, these handcrafted ladies’ jeans are the quintessential addition for any festive event, complemented by an array of matching handmade leather bags and belts. For those seeking the ideal special occasion gift, Salon Verve offers unparalleled options.

In collaboration with the skilled Zlata Ksenevich of Alterations + Bespoke Specialists in Pimlico, the Chelsea Girl Gold Label collection is a testament to superior craftsmanship. Zlata, an alumnus of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, has an illustrious background including work at leading fashion weeks in London and New York, and a bespoke boiler suit for Lewis Hamilton. The collection prides itself on premium Italian denim, including sustainable cotton Candiani denim and authentic Ralph Lauren mid-weight denim, all accented with gold embroidered motifs, custom gold leather labels, and distinctive gold stitching.

Salon Verve’s unique fitting experience offers clients the choice of home fittings or appointments at Alterations & Bespoke Specialists in Pimlico for exact measurements, ensuring a tailored fit. Clients have the liberty to customise their jeans, selecting from various design options and personal touches that reflect their individual style.

Craftsmanship at Salon Verve is second to none, with each product handcrafted in London using the highest quality sustainable and recyclable materials. The brand’s commitment to quality is evident in its use of 100% genuine Napa leather and eco-friendly printing techniques, highlighting its commitment to environmental sustainability. Additionally, 10% of all sales benefit Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

Cliff Vikhamar, Owner of Salon Verve, said, “As a trained photographer, I founded Salon Verve with a vision to infuse my style into a unique range of products, particularly drawn to the fashion photography aspect of the business. I aim to create a lifestyle brand that captivates and inspires.”

Salon Verve’s collection is continually expanding, with new products introduced weekly and the full range available from January. The bespoke designs seamlessly marry classic elegance with modern flair, appealing to a wide range of preferences. Salon Verve is also thrilled to announce ‘Verve for Men,’ a new line catering to the fashion-forward man, further broadening its product spectrum.

“We take pride in sourcing only the finest quality materials, ensuring our customers experience the epitome of luxury and craftsmanship,” Cliff Vikhamar affirmed.

The Chelsea Girl Gold Label has recently been in the spotlight, showcased by acclaimed model and influencer Andrada Statie at Milan and London Fashion Weeks. This exquisite design is the result of a collaboration between photographer Jay Kristoffer and seamstress TM Miller.

Cliff expressed, “I am thrilled with the recent launch of our latest design, the elite Chelsea Girl Gold Label, as worn by Andrada Statie. I have always found it impossible to find the perfect fit for a pair of jeans, and was always relying on tailors so I decided to commission my own. I found that women have the same problem, so I created this addition to salon Verve.”


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