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Breaking News: Chronos Trading Limited Launched by SA Group

The SA Group is thrilled to disclose the inauguration of Chronos Trading Limited as a focal point of its aspirations to establish a globally regulated fintech enterprise. The inception of this new business comes as a joint venture with the team behind the highly successful algorithmic trading system known as ‘The Chronos Strategy,’ which was crafted in December 2021.

Operating exclusively within the realm of S&P 500 stocks, the most liquid marketplace worldwide, The Chronos Strategy achieved an impressive return of over 118% in 2022, even after accounting for all fees and charges. Remarkably, this was accomplished without leveraging any assets, thanks to a risk management system that only deployed a fraction of the capital into the market.

With the valuable support of management consultancy and capital funding from SA, this well-crafted strategy has now been incorporated into an SPV, giving rise to Chronos Trading Limited.

Speaking about this joint venture, Jon Hammond from Chronos expressed, “Having engaged in trading and regulated investments for 25 years, we have always possessed a clear vision of delivering significant risk-adjusted returns with a strong emphasis on capital preservation. The Chronos Strategy has been meticulously developed over the past 5 years, and we are thrilled about this collaboration with the SA Group, which will enable us to build a robust, regulated business spanning multiple continents.”

In this new partnership, SA will contribute £2.2 million to acquire an established FCA-regulated business with a solid track record in managing funds in the UK, along with a full investment management license in the DIFC (the UAE equivalent of the FCA).

The objective over the next 12 months is to establish Chronos Trading Limited as a global pioneer in AI-driven fintech (Financial Services Technology Business). The aim is to build funds under management up to £100 million from institutional clients by December 2024, generating annual revenues of £20 million and creating a business with a market capitalisation exceeding £100 million.

Chronos Trading Limited is now actively seeking institutional partners who operate in or have a commercial interest in the world of trading and artificial intelligence. These partners would play a crucial role in supporting its growth by providing cornerstone investments or distribution capabilities within this exciting new frontier of investment management.

Stuart Anderson, founder of the SA Group, remarked, “We have extensively researched international markets to identify investment opportunities that possess genuine market differentiators and add value to investor portfolios – whether they be institutional or private wealth-oriented. Accordingly, we are exceedingly optimistic about the prospects of fintech in this rapidly-emerging age of AI.”

Individuals interested in this new opportunity are strongly encouraged to get in touch with Chronos Trading Limited at [email protected].


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