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“Get Paid. Pay back. Share.” – Revolutionising Payment Sharing in the UK with TABBit

TABBx Ltd, a trailblazer in the realm of financial technology, is thrilled to unveil TABBit, a groundbreaking app designed to facilitate the sharing of payment requests among friends and family in the UK. Embodying its motto “Get Paid. Pay back. Share.”, TABBit’s aim is to render financial exchanges among acquaintances both effortless and secure.

Boy-Anthony Kuhne, the CEO of TABBit and former Vice President at Mastercard, underscores the app’s unique qualities: “TABBit is not just about splitting bills or managing group expenses. It’s about eliminating the hassle of exchanging bank details or installing multiple apps. Our app ensures secure transactions directly through users’ banking apps, powered in a secure and safe way by Open Banking.”

A key aspect of TABBit is its ease of use and security. It enables users to issue payment requests without requiring the recipient to divulge sensitive details or download an identical app. Payments are executed rapidly and securely through the users’ respective banking apps.

Designed for compatibility with a broad spectrum of UK banks, TABBit provides a seamless interface for cost-sharing tasks such as rent, utilities, dinners, and outings. “Gone are the days of tedious financial chores. With TABBit, settling up is a breeze,” Kuhne remarks.

Now available for download, TABBit signals a new era in financial interactions, making payment sharing as straightforward as sending a chat message. “Get Paid. Pay back. Share.” – TABBit redefines financial interactions among peers, emphasising simplicity, security, and quickness.

For further details on TABBit’s impact on the payment request sharing landscape, visit www.tabbit.uk.


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