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Click2Pharmacy Unveils Comprehensive 2023 Report on Emergency Contraception Trends in the UK

Click2Pharmacy, a prominent online pharmacy in the UK, has recently published an enlightening report on the trends in emergency contraception use during 2023. This report, drawing from a variety of reliable sources including NHS statistics and OpenPrescribing data, unveils significant patterns in emergency contraception usage throughout England.

Key Highlights of the 2023 Emergency Contraceptive Usage Report

  1. Predominance of Oral Contraceptives: The  emergency contraceptive statistics 2023 report underscores a notable preference for emergency contraceptive pills. Oral contraceptives have been the leading choice, constituting 90% of all emergency contraception prescriptions.
  2. Most Popular Emergency Contraceptives: In 2023, Ulipristal, marketed as ellaOne, surfaced as the top choice for emergency contraception, followed closely by Levonorgestrel.

The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact

The study also sheds light on the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on emergency contraception trends. A marked decline in prescriptions during the pandemic is linked to social distancing and lockdown measures, rather than decreased access to services.

Demographic Insights and Contraceptive Trends

  • The data reveals women aged 25-34 as the primary demographic engaging with Sexual Reproductive Health services for emergency contraceptives, yet they are comparatively less likely to be prescribed these medications.
  • There has been a consistent decrease in emergency contraceptive prescriptions since 2004, suggesting shifts in contraceptive preferences and accessibility.

Societal Stigma and Online Searches

The report further explores the societal stigma attached to emergency contraception. This is evident from the high volume of online searches for emergency contraceptive pills, reflecting a societal preference for privacy when acquiring these medications.

Click2Pharmacy’s Role in Sexual Health Education

Sakib Mohammed, Pharmacist at Click2Pharmacy, affirms, “At Click2Pharmacy, we are committed to encouraging open discussions about sexual health and providing reliable information.”

For an in-depth understanding, Click2Pharmacy’s complete findings on Emergency Contraceptive Statistics 2023 can be accessed on their website.


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