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GinSen Launches Exclusive New Acupuncture Clinic in London’s Kensington

GinSen, a trailblazer in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture, is excited to announce the opening of their new clinic on High Street, Kensington. This luxurious facility, spread across two floors, is dedicated to improving patient experiences by providing outstanding treatments in a sophisticated setting.

Located in the prestigious area of High Street Kensington, the clinic offers a premium environment for acupuncture and holistic therapy. The tastefully decorated treatment rooms create a calm and welcoming space for patients.

Lily Li Hua, a TCM Expert at GinSen, spoke about the expansion, saying: “We’re thrilled to move to an even bigger and fully renovated clinic, where we can continue offering our patients the exceptional treatments they deserve, with an upgraded experience for their consultations and treatments.”

GinSen has been a prominent name in TCM and acupuncture in London since its inception in 2002. The new clinic embodies their dedication to delivering top-quality natural fertility treatments and herbal medicines in the optimal environment. The design of the facility is centred around creating a comforting and relaxing ambiance, which is believed to significantly improve the chances of achieving health goals.

With a history spanning several decades, GinSen has continually improved its treatment methods and herbal supplements, establishing itself as a reputable name in TCM. The GinSen team, specialising in acupuncture, addresses a variety of health issues, particularly focusing on fertility-related matters like fertility in older individuals, fallopian tube health, endometriosis, and PCOS.

Favoured by celebrities and sports figures, GinSen’s success stories can be found on their website, illustrating the effectiveness of their treatments.

The Standard has named GinSen as one of the best London Acupuncture clinics for IVF. The team at GinSen includes herbalists, acupuncturists, fertility specialists, massage therapists, and other TCM practitioners, all advocating for natural, pharmaceutical-free treatments and the integration of traditional and modern TCM practices.

GinSen also runs a clinic in Chelsea and an online Chinese Herbal Medicine Shop, offering vegan-friendly, naturally sourced supplements in the UK. They also provide complimentary consultations with Chinese herbalist doctors for customised advice.

The clinic’s guiding principle is to promote health in a natural, safe, and non-invasive way, complementing mainstream Western fertility treatments.

For additional information, please visit www.ginsen-london.com.


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