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Leading Medical Cannabis Clinic in Birmingham

In November 2018, the United Kingdom took a significant step forward by legalising the prescription of medical cannabis under the guidance of specialized clinicians listed on the register. This legislative reform paved the way for a remarkable surge in the number of prescriptions granted and the establishment of specialty clinics dedicated to providing expertise in prescribing medicinal cannabis. At the close of 2019, there were reportedly fewer than 250 active medical cannabis users in the UK. However, it is projected that this figure will soar to over 500,000 by 2024.

One such establishment at the forefront of this movement is the Birmingham Cannabis Clinic, situated within The Vesey Private Hospital. Regulated by the CQC (Care Quality Commission), this clinic offers medicinal cannabis as a treatment option for various conditions, including Anxiety, PTSD, Dermatological Conditions, Chronic Pain, and Epilepsy, after conventional treatments have been thoroughly explored.

To streamline the process and ensure simplicity for patients, a free eligibility appointment can be scheduled with a general practitioner either in person or via video conference. During this appointment, the GP assesses whether medicinal cannabis is the right choice for the patient. The clinic’s team conducts a comprehensive review of the patient’s medical history. If the team determines that medicinal cannabis is a suitable option, the patient is invited to the clinic for a detailed discussion on treatment plans with a consultant. In the event that medicinal cannabis is deemed inappropriate, the clinic’s GPs explore alternative medical treatments, ensuring comprehensive care for all patients.

Taking a holistic approach to health and well-being, the Birmingham Cannabis Clinic offers a secure and robust patient journey. Eligibility for treatment is assessed by both a general practitioner and a consultant, employing a unique technique in the UK. Furthermore, the clinic provides well-being sessions within the hospital, encompassing activities such as yoga, massage, and mindfulness.

As part of their commitment to advancing medical cannabis use, the clinic contributes its clinical data to the UK Cannabis Register for auditing and governance purposes. This contribution serves to strengthen the broader utilization of medicinal cannabis products in the future.

Crucially, the clinic offers a network of support personnel who assist patients in accessing aid and guidance to maximize the benefits of prescribed treatments. They address any challenges or concerns patients may encounter along their treatment journey.

Ben Royal, the Registered Manager, expressed, “When we established The Vesey Private Hospital, our vision was to deliver exceptional care and cutting-edge treatments that are more cost-effective and accessible compared to traditional private healthcare. Additionally, we aimed to create patient journeys that are safe, effective, well-led, and underpinned by good governance. Medicinal cannabis is an area of treatment experiencing rapid growth in the UK, and we take pride in providing the West Midlands population with face-to-face access to experts who can delve into the risks and benefits in detail.”

Patients interested in learning more about the services offered by the Birmingham Cannabis Clinic can inquire via telephone at 0121 387 3727, or by email at [email protected]. Alternatively, they can book a free GP eligibility consultation by clicking on the provided link and selecting GP services.


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