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Resignation of Citypark Fitness Co-Founders Steven Dick and Scott Agnew Amidst Unprecedented Expansion in Fitness Group Education

In a remarkable development, the co-founders of Citypark Fitness, namely Steven Dick and Scott Agnew, have opted to withdraw from their active roles in the management of Citypark Fitness after a notable tenure of eight years.

This decision has been prompted by their determination to concentrate their endeavors on the operations of The Fitness Group Education Limited, an institution dedicated to providing prospective personal trainers with a comprehensive and intricate education that transcends the boundaries of conventional fitness training.

Citypark Fitness, an eminent establishment encompassing a vast 7,000-square-foot independent gym enterprise, was initiated in 2015 by the collaborative efforts of Steve, Scott, and Thomas Anderson. Nestled within the edifice of Citypark in Dennistoun, Glasgow, this enterprise has flourished remarkably over the years.

Despite the triumphant journey that Citypark Fitness has undertaken, both Scott and Steven have come to a somber conclusion that the time has come for them to take a step back. Expressing his sentiments, Steven Dick shared, “Our collective journey, as orchestrated by Thomas, Scott, and myself, steering the course of Citypark Fitness since its inception in 2015, has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. While the pandemic ushered in its share of challenges, we seized the opportunity to reorient our offerings towards small group training, which has not only proven to be a resounding success for our team but has also been transformative for our members, enhancing their lives through specialised support.”

Citypark Fitness shall continue its operations under the stewardship of Thomas Anderson, who will lead the charge in cultivating a dynamic and illustrious fitness culture within Glasgow. Steven, with optimism, voiced his outlook for Citypark’s exciting future:

“The recent appointment of a new gym manager has invigorated our establishment, and the trajectory of excellence, marked by positive outcomes and sustained growth over the past biennium, shall remain unimpeded. Thomas, in tandem with Peter, our gym manager, and the entire Citypark Fitness Team, will drive this enterprise forward, bolstered by my unwavering support.”

The Fitness Group Education, a brainchild of Steven and Scott that emerged in 2018, sprung from their personal challenges in recruiting adept personal trainers for Citypark Fitness. Conceived with the intent of disseminating their insights to equip future trainers with a profound skill set that transcends the bounds of conventional training certificates, the institution strove to elevate the benchmarks of education within the fitness realm.

The reach of The Fitness Group Education extended far beyond its Glasgow origins. With an expansion that spanned key locations in the UK including Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, and London, it ventured into the realm of online education, providing pioneering courses in personal training and sports massage to learners both domestic and international. The institution has gained the trust of esteemed bodies such as the Ministry of Defence, TRX, Strength and Conditioning Education, The PFA, My PT Hub, English League Education, among other notable organisations.

The fundamental ethos of The Fitness Group Education revolves around furnishing aspiring personal trainers with a foundational comprehension of health, fitness, and nutrition, in addition to the subtler nuances of fitness and wellness, encompassing realms like emergency first aid, pre and post-natal qualifications, mental health awareness, and adeptly leading physical activities for adolescents.

Steven Dick elaborated, “The Fitness Group Education stands at the vanguard of accessible education that is geared towards empowering personal trainers. In an era rife with a glut of specialised gyms and fitness technology, the upcoming generations must take charge of their own well-being and inspire the next wave of entrepreneurial personal trainers.”

While Steven Dick and Scott Agnew may be relinquishing their roles, the resonance of Citypark remains deeply ingrained in their hearts. With its unparalleled offerings, including cutting-edge equipment from renowned brands such as Life Fitness and Jordan Fitness, bespoke female group training sessions, personalised mentoring, and with the blessings of The Fitness Group Education, the horizons for Citypark Fitness appear boundless.

Steven concluded with a note of anticipation, “My affiliation with The Fitness Group Education shall persist, firmly cementing Citypark Fitness as a hub within Glasgow. This collaboration is poised to engender a future brimming with promise for both entities.”


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