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Soothing Steps: Innovations in Stretch and Width for Bunion Relief


In an effort to bring attention to the under-recognised issue of bunions, DB Wider Fit Shoes is championing the cause with its stylish range of footwear designed for wider feet, offering comfort to those afflicted across the UK. Bunions, more prevalent among women possibly due to narrow and confining footwear styles, affect over 15% of UK women.

Bunions can lead to discomfort in regular footwear, potentially reducing the sufferer’s activity levels and exacerbating health concerns. The challenge of finding suitable shoes for bunions can be daunting. DB Wider Fit Shoes is committed to enlightening consumers, promoting a knowledgeable approach to footwear selection. They aim to present alternatives that surpass conventional choices, with their assortment of wide and deep-fit shoes, varied toe shapes, and seamless uppers crafted from supple leathers or stretchable fabrics, all designed to comfortably accommodate bunions, diminish discomfort, and encourage a more active, comfortable lifestyle.

The Hidden Challenge: Understanding Bunion Prevalence

Approximately 14 million UK residents grapple with bunions, with women constituting about 10 million of this number. While genetics play a role in bunion development, factors such as hormonal changes and footwear can initiate or exacerbate the condition. Bunions are notably prevalent in women over 45, with aging, pregnancy, and menopause influencing ligament and bone shifts in the feet.

For those feeling isolated in their struggle with this foot condition, the widespread nature of bunions serves as a reminder that they are not alone.

Charles Denton, Managing Director at DB Wider Fit Shoes, stresses the importance of addressing this widespread issue: “Bunions are more common than many people realise, and the discomfort associated with them can be exacerbated by wearing shoes that do not accommodate the natural width of the foot. Our mission is to shed light on this often-unseen struggle and provide a solution through our range of DB Wider Fit Shoes.”

Insights from Dr Mike Curran, Chair of the Healthy Footwear Guide

Highlighting the critical need for suitable footwear for those with bunions, Dr Mike Curran, Chair of the Healthy Footwear Guide and a figurehead for the Society of Shoe Fitters, shared his perspective. “Bunions can be a painful and progressive condition. Unfortunately, many individuals are unknowingly contributing to their discomfort by wearing shoes that do not provide sufficient stretch and width. It’s essential for people to understand the impact of footwear on their foot health and make informed choices.”

Promoting Understanding Through Education

DB Wider Fit Shoes is dedicated to fostering awareness and educating the public about the link between bunions and appropriate shoe fit. The company advocates for accurate foot measurement and the selection of shoes that offer the necessary width and features to support bunions, all without sacrificing style. In their commitment to enhancing foot comfort and health, DB Wider Fit Shoes has introduced an innovative online foot measuring tool and offers a range of width fittings, up to 8E (EEEEEEEE), which is considerably wider than typical high street options.

As DB Wider Fit Shoes brings the hidden discomfort of UK bunion sufferers to light, the brand is set on empowering consumers with knowledge, urging them to value foot health and make well-informed footwear choices.

For further details and to view the extensive range of available footwear, please visit https://www.widerfitshoes.co.uk and https://www.widerfitshoes.co.uk/womens-wide-fit-shoes-for-bunions


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