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“Start Now, Finish Strong!” – Brighton Triathlete’s Revolutionary Injury Prevention Initiative

“Start Now, Finish Strong!” is the latest offering from PhysioFit Physio and Pilates Studio, designed by founder Alexandra Johnson. This innovative program caters to runners over 40 dealing with injuries, focusing on a personalised path to pain-free running and injury recovery.

Johnson, a triathlete with over 15 years in the physiotherapy field, holds a 2:1 BSc in Physiotherapy from St George’s Medical University. Her career encompasses over a decade in the NHS and six years in private practice specialising in sports injuries.

Battling Klippel Trenaunay Syndrome, Johnson has defied odds by participating in some of the world’s most demanding endurance events, including the Sahara’s Marathon des Sables, the 70.3 Ironman World Championships, and marathons in New York and London. Her condition, which severely affects her leg, poses challenges such as intense pain and muscle weakness, necessitating a medical compression stocking for extended walking.

Following a life-altering cycling accident in January 2017, Johnson, dissatisfied with conventional physiotherapy, embarked on a quest to develop effective techniques for pain-free running, benefiting herself and others in similar situations.

The “Start Now, Finish Strong!” program diverges from generic methods, offering a customised approach for individuals over 40. This eight-week online course covers all aspects of fitness, including mental and physical health, rehabilitation, joint mobility, nutrition, and targeted exercises to prevent common running injuries. A notable success story from the program is Stephen Taylor, who moved from near-retirement due to Achilles problems to pain-free running in a mere eight weeks.

Johnson’s commitment to reaching a broader audience is evident in her significant investment in business coaching and mentorship, enhancing her ability to support fellow runners over 40.

In her own words, Alexandra Johnson says: “I passionately believe that being over 40 does not equate to giving up on running or enduring pain. With the right approach, understanding, and techniques, individuals can not only resume running but do so better and stronger, embracing a new lease on life.”

Interested parties can enrol in “Start Now, Finish Strong!” or learn more about personalised support at (www.physiofitgbonline.com) or via [email protected].


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