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Bluewater Secures 3-Year Contract with The R&A to Provide Sustainable Hydration Solutions for Golf Championships

Bluewater, a leader in sustainable water and beverage solutions, and The R&A, golf’s governing body, have entered into a new three-year contract for the supply of event hydration solutions and stainless steel refillable water bottles at The Open and AIG Women’s Open. This partnership reaffirms their commitment to promoting environmental responsibility and sustainability in the sports industry.

Under the agreement, Bluewater will be responsible for installing, operating, and managing innovative on-site water stations at both prestigious championships from 2023 to 2025. These water stations will offer convenient and environmentally friendly hydration options for all golfers, on-site personnel, and the thousands of fans attending the events.

Bluewater will also manufacture bespoke stainless steel refillable water bottles, referred to as the ‘Player’s Edition’ bottles, exclusively for players, caddies, and VIP Hospitality Guests. Additionally, these premium bottles will be available for retail merchandise sale, serving as unique event souvenirs with a strong environmental message. The double-walled insulated construction of these bottles ensures that drinking water remains cold and refreshing throughout the day.

The partnership builds on ‘The Open Water Project,’ a groundbreaking initiative launched at The 148th Open at Royal Portrush in 2019, which eliminated single-use plastic water bottles entirely. Proudly supported by Mastercard, an Official Patron of The Open, the initiative raises awareness and funds for global reforestation efforts through the Priceless Planet Coalition.

Bluewater’s unique ecosystem of hydration solutions utilises multi-stage water purification, including their patented SuperiorOsmosis™ Reverse Osmosis process, which effectively removes up to 99.7% of impurities from water. The locally produced chilled and delicious drinking water avoids the carbon-intensive manufacture and transportation of pre-filled single-use containers.

Bengt Rittri, CEO of Bluewater, commended The R&A’s forward-thinking approach in implementing such a bold and sustainable solution for two of the sports world’s most respected international events. He emphasised how the collaboration between Bluewater and The R&A promotes change and environmental responsibility while ensuring athletes have access to healthy drinking water free from toxic chemicals and microplastics throughout the championships.

The ongoing partnership between Bluewater and The R&A demonstrates their shared dedication to championing sustainability and innovation in the sports industry, one water refill and one reusable bottle at a time. By providing high-quality, planet-friendly hydration solutions, they aim to set an example and lead the way towards a more sustainable future.


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