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Disparities in Divorce Costs Revealed: Edinburgh Most Expensive, Sunderland Most Affordable

Lawhive, a legal services platform, has conducted research unveiling the divergent hourly rates charged by solicitors for divorce services in the 50 largest cities and towns across the UK.

The findings expose significant discrepancies in pricing, with an astonishing £1,350 difference overall for 15 hours of service between Edinburgh, the most expensive city, and Sunderland, the most affordable.

Startling Disparity in Costs According to the research, Edinburgh claims the highest average hourly rate for divorce services at £285.00, while Sunderland emerges as the most cost-effective option at £195.00 per hour.

Such a substantial price gap can significantly impact individuals navigating the challenging process of divorce, underscoring the importance of exploring various solicitor services to find the most suitable and affordable option.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities/Towns:

  1. Edinburgh – £285.00
  2. Leicester – £280.00
  3. London – £280.00
  4. Slough – £276.33
  5. Reading – £273.33
  6. Northampton – £272.00
  7. Brighton – £271.67
  8. Glasgow – £266.67
  9. York – £266.57
  10. Portsmouth – £265.00

Top 10 Cheapest Cities/Towns:

  1. Sunderland – £195.00
  2. Luton – £208.33
  3. Swansea – £210.00
  4. Aberdeen – £211.67
  5. Belfast – £212.00
  6. Huddersfield – £217.50
  7. Bristol – £221.83
  8. Bradford – £223.17
  9. Bournemouth – £229.50
  10. Peterborough – £230.00

The complete ranking of all 50 UK cities can be found on Lawhive’s website.

Insights from Experts Flinn Dolman, Co-founder & Chief Data Officer at Lawhive, shared his perspective on the findings, stating, “The significant cost variations between cities underscore the importance of exploring affordable remote solicitors online and the challenge of finding fair prices in one’s local area.”

Dolman added, “Living in London doesn’t have to translate to exorbitant divorce expenses. By leveraging online resources, individuals have the opportunity to work with solicitors nationwide remotely, discover competitive rates, and save money in the process.”

Methodology of the Research Lawhive diligently collected data from solicitors based in the 50 largest cities and towns in the UK, selected according to population figures from the Office for National Statistics. A minimum of three quotes were obtained from solicitors in each city, with an average of 3.5 quotes per city. All quotes specifically pertained to divorce services.

Advice for Consumers Consumers are encouraged to consider solicitors beyond their immediate locality. Through the convenience of online access, individuals can engage with solicitors across the country remotely, potentially saving hundreds of pounds by finding more competitive rates.


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