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Alike Reveals Online eSIM Marketplace, Enlarging Its Social Travel Platform Selection

Alike, the social travel platform, has unveiled its innovative online eSIM Marketplace, enhancing its array of travel services for global tourists. The new marketplace offers a wide range of eSIMs for over 200 popular global destinations, allowing travellers to easily purchase and download eSIMs tailored to their needs before embarking on their journeys. This eliminates the need for physical SIM cards or searching for Wi-Fi hotspots while travelling.

To mark the launch of the eSIM marketplace, Alike is offering eSIMs for 80 global destinations at an enticing price of just US$1. This special offer can be availed by using the code “ALIKE” when purchasing eSIMs from www.alike.io/esims.

As the trend towards eSIMs gains momentum, with Juniper Research predicting that around 1 billion smartphones will use eSIMs globally in 2023 and this number will grow to 3.5 billion by 2027, Alike’s eSIM marketplace arrives at a timely juncture to cater to the increasing demand for digital SIM solutions.

Ashish Sidhra, Co-Founder of Alike, emphasised, “As a social travel platform, we understand the importance of staying connected while travelling. The launch of our eSIM marketplace is a significant step in addressing the issue of high roaming costs that have hindered travellers from using mobile data abroad.”

Alike’s eSIM Online Marketplace goes beyond its extensive range and competitive pricing, achieved through the platform’s strong partnerships with global telecom providers. The marketplace features an intuitive interface and comprehensive eSIM descriptions, facilitating easy selection of the most suitable eSIMs based on individual travel requirements.

Furthermore, Alike distinguishes itself with its customer-focused approach, exemplified by its highly rated customer service. With a multilingual support team available 24/7 through various channels, travellers can be confident in receiving prompt and efficient assistance whenever needed. Alike’s commitment to customer satisfaction underscores its dedication to delivering a comprehensive and enjoyable user experience.

With the introduction of the eSIM Online Marketplace, Alike continues to deliver on its promise of redefining the way people share, discover, plan, and book travel experiences, enabling travellers to journey like the people they admire.


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