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Emerging Advertising Conglomerate Poised to Revolutionise the Agency Realm

A groundbreaking agency collective is on the brink of transforming the advertising industry landscape. Over the forthcoming year to eighteen months, ONQOR Group is poised to integrate agencies from across the UK, EU, and US, aiming to establish a colossal full-service collective boasting a workforce of 1,500.

This ambitious initiative, a collaboration with an investment syndicate, will see the acquisition of a diverse range of agencies within the marketing, creative, production, and PR sectors, all centralised from their forthcoming headquarters in Farringdon, London.

ONQOR Group’s Chief Executive, Joe Kaul, remarks, “At present, the agency landscape is incredibly fragmented and ripe for a new group to service clients of all sizes and nature. Our ambition is to grow a multidisciplinary group with the best talent in the industry, backed by proprietary AI solutions.”

The marketing domain has historically grappled with challenges surrounding staff retention and wellbeing. However, ONQOR Group aspires to cultivate a consortium of companies committed to ethical client service and staff contentment. Kaul asserts that the conglomerate will “leverage proprietary AI technologies to maximise efficacy for clients, whilst ensuring all stakeholders are treated with respect and dignity.”

Joe Kaul is the founder and CEO of B-Corp creative agency ONQOR and is Forbes 30u30 in Marketing & Advertising. The fund is a family investment firm with over 100 acquisitions across eleven countries.

Acquisition announcements to follow. Head to ONQOR.group for more information. 


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