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Britain has the highest electricity bills in the world, data finds

New stats reveal that the UK has the highest electricity bills in the world.

The data compiled by BOXT, looks at government stats on electricity prices over the past five years.

Research has been used to analyse the impact of the cost of living crisis and discover which countries have had the biggest year-on-year increase in energy prices. 

The UK’s energy price cap was raised from 29p to 34p per kWh last year, with price increases blamed on the reduced supply from Russia due to the conflict with Ukraine, as well as post-pandemic effects.

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For electricity, the UK is currently paying 19.31p per kWh.

And our neighbours in Ireland have the second highest price for electric, as they pay almost 18.99p per kWh – which is still 53 per cent more than the average of 24 other countries. This is compared to the Czech Republic who only pay 12.69p per kWh.

But it’s Norway who have had to deal with the biggest jump in electricity prices with a 91 per cent increase in electricity costs since 2016. 


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