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Cranfield University Partners with Grow Impact to Bring SaaS Research Solutions to the UK

Software Solutions Provider Grow Impact Expands Footprint to the UK, Focusing on the Research Community.

This is marked by a recent partnership with Cranfield University, a top-ranking public research university that specialises in science, technology, engineering, design and management. The partnership is a testament to Grow Impact’s success as thought leaders who understand the influence high-quality research can have on the world. 

Founded in 2020, Grow Impact provides SaaS software that helps institutes and universities maintain a clear vision of the research journey from start to finish. Their software provides researchers with planning and tracking capability and enables them to easily share updates based on evidence recorded in the system. This information helps organisations monitor the progress of a research project so they can offer their teams the support they need to ensure impactful outcomes. It also allows them to demonstrate this impact to key stakeholders. 

Organisations that support research can use Grow Impact’s tracking and reporting features to maintain a birds-eye-view of internal or external programs they’re funding. This allows them to better understand their long-term return on investment (ROI). Along with estimating their ROI, the software’s functionality helps them communicate to donors and the community how their contributions are resulting in impactful research. 

The idea for Grow Impact’s software grew out of a desire to heighten the real-world impact of scientific research. General Manager Tobias Schoep formerly worked as the Impact Solutions Lead for one of the largest medical research institutes in Australia. His experience, combined with CEO Nick Saunders’ expertise in the software industry, has helped turn their vision of global advancement through impactful research into a reality. 

“We’re thrilled to be working with organisations in Australia and now also in the UK. Our international growth is a real testament to the need for Grow Impact and to our customers’ commitment to supporting the growth of high-quality and impactful research. As a founder of Grow Impact, it’s particularly rewarding to see our novel approach being adopted across the sector.” –Tobias Schoep, General Manager

In just over two years, Grow Impact has set a strong foundation in Australia through partnerships with accredited universities and institutes. These include the Nutrition & Health Innovation Research Institute, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, the Institute for Respiratory Health, the Telethon Kids Institute and the RPH Research Foundation. 

For Grow Impact, the new partnership with Cranfield University is a milestone. It’s a huge step toward their mission to make a global impact by supporting long-term collaborations between researchers and research organisations.  


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