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Launch of ‘The Pitch’ by YourGamePlan and Goodstuff: Fostering Youth Careers in Advertising

YourGamePlan and media agency Goodstuff are excited to introduce ‘The Pitch’, a competition designed to facilitate entry into advertising careers for the youth. This initiative is set to empower young individuals by encouraging creativity and innovation, while also tackling the challenges associated with entering the creative and media fields.

By providing practical experiences, mentorship, and opportunities for work placements, ‘The Pitch’ aims to nurture the next wave of advertising professionals, contributing to a more diverse and equitable industry landscape.

Participants from across the UK are invited to present a media and creative concept for the upcoming JD 2024 Christmas campaign. This unique opportunity allows aspiring talents to engage with the advertising industry, offering them a platform to develop engaging brand narratives.

The triumphant team will gain an invaluable experience working with the JD marketing team, where they will learn the intricacies of devising standout campaigns for a renowned brand. From social media content creation to participation in a photography shoot, the winners will gain a comprehensive understanding of how expansive campaigns are brought to life. Moreover, each winning participant will be rewarded with a £100 JD voucher, perfect for updating their wardrobe or acquiring the latest footwear.

In a collaborative effort, Goodstuff has partnered with YourGamePlan to actualize this initiative, driven by the conviction that enhancing accessibility to the advertising field is a collective industry responsibility. They have successfully garnered £300,000 in media value to promote ‘The Pitch’, featuring innovative adverts aimed at sparking interest in the creative minds behind advertising.

Contributions towards this media value have been made by JD, Meta, Clear Channel, JC Decaux, Pearl & Dean, and Channel 4, all of whom are committed to the cause and have pledged to offer work placements to participating students. Moreover, ‘The Pitch’ is backed by The Advertising Association, which represents the interests of the UK’s advertising community.

Beyond the competition’s main prize, there is a commitment to offer up to 100 work placements to entrants, as part of a collaborative effort with YourGamePlan, Goodstuff, and D&AD, encouraging the wider advertising industry to offer placements ranging from paid internships to work experience.

Danny Heath, the visionary behind YourGamePlan, spoke about his motivation for the initiative, stating, “As the founder of YourGamePlan, I’m passionately dedicated to forging pathways for young talents, seamlessly connecting education to independence. We are on a mission to break down entry barriers and offer equal opportunities for everyone interested in the world of advertising. And we believe through The Pitch we can do just that.”

Reflecting on his journey and the significance of ‘The Pitch’, Andrew Stephens, Co-Founder of Goodstuff, stated, “As someone who grew up in the Somerset state school system and with no links to the advertising industry, I feel very lucky to have stumbled into a job I am immensely passionate about. This is just the start and I hope other companies join us in ensuring our industry tackles diversity at the source and create a better future for everyone.”

Chris Waters, JD’s UK & EU Retail Marketing Director, shared his anticipation for the project, stating, “We’re excited to be working alongside Goodstuff and YourGamePlan to provide mentorship and access for young people looking to get into the advertising industry. ‘The Pitch’ is a great opportunity for applicants to experience first-hand the work that goes into creating marketing campaigns for a global brand, and we’re looking forward to taking the students through the process this Spring.”

Praising ‘The Pitch’, Alessandra Bellini, President of The Advertising Association, stated, “The Pitch is a fantastic initiative and totally aligns with our industry’s strategy to inspire more young people to think about advertising as an exciting and dynamic career, full of opportunities for talent with a wide range of skills.”


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