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London conference set to answer digital ID adoption questions

Open Identity Exchange (OIX) is holding a major conference this month to help organisations who may need to reply on digital ID.

‘Identity Trust 2023’ – hosted by OIX (the global community driving positive and inclusive developments for trusted digital identities) – will address how businesses will adopt, digest and operate within the rapidly-growing digital ID ecosystem.

Enormous transformation

This year is proving to be one of enormous transformation for digital identity across the globe.

More and more countries are moving towards digital ID in relation to accessing both public and private sector services.

The UK is catching up with other countries which solely rely on digital ID already, with many digital ID providers going through the government’s rigorous certification process to start servicing the businesses that will rely on them.

Game changer

Nick Mothershaw, chief identity strategist at OIX (pictured) said: “Digital ID will be a game changer for all employers, businesses and other bodies that will come to accept and rely on it as the primary way for their customers to access their services.

“However, there is hesitation among a significant proportion of organisations including banking, finance, travel, gambling, higher education, home buying and selling, rental and many more.

“Businesses will need to be in a position to start accepting digital ID soon and with confidence, but if do not fully trust or understand it, progress will be slow. And if they don’t start the journey now, they will get left behind. The barriers that still exist must be addressed and clarity must be provided before true progress can be made on digital ID adoption.”

Vital questions

Some of the key questions that will be answered at the conference include:

·       How will ecosystems start accepting credentials from a user’s digital ID wallet with confidence and trust?

·       How is digital ID taking working in key use cases, such as age verification, accessing finance, home buying and selling, travel and employment vetting?

·       How will digital ID work across international boundaries?

·       Why will dynamic, adaptable ‘smart wallets’ be crucial in meeting the requirements of each acceptor the user wants to interact with?

Tickets available

To find out if you are eligible for a free place at the conference, which takes place on Thursday, September 28 at County Hall in London, contact [email protected]


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